Poem: “Whatever the Journey, Whatever the Road”


Whatever the Journey, Whatever the Road

My hand is upon you,
As you well know.english-gentleman_2691722
I walk with you daily,
In the sand and the snow.
Together we are bound,
For the journey you take.
To serve My Father
In this place.

Days will come,
When life will be hard.
And others shall be
As light as clouds.
No matter which
Comes your way
I am with you.
I am with you.

Each morning remember
There are two here.
You my, servant
And Me, your Lord
Walk we will, arm in arm,
Whatever the journey,
Whatever the road.

Some shall be hilly,
And some shall be flat.
Some shall flow downward,
With the sun on our backs.
No matter, no matter,
Be what it may.
I am with you.
I am with you.

Do not falter,
And do not halt.
Stay to my path,
As set for you.
And in the end,
As I have promised you,
There I am waiting,
Waiting for you.

L. Lapiz


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