Poem: “When Christ came in the Hidden Room…”


When Christ came in the Hidden Room…

When Christ came in the hidden room
He still had wounds to show,
This world’s wounds are slow to heal
As we the living know

Even Christ who conquered death
But had not yet ascended
Showed the wounds in limbs and side,
On Earth they had not mended

Other wounds they could not know,
Betrayal, fear and grief,
Although He had been comforted
By angels and a thief

Such wounds for those who still can bleed
Will not so quickly mend,
And this is why we pray to God
His Kingdom soon to send

For if there were no peace at last,
No joy to heal that sorrow,
There would be nothing left at last
But farewell to tomorrow

April 10, 2011

When Christ Came In, a reading:


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