Poem: “Windowless Jail Cell”


Windowless Jail Cell

A little window from your room
Let our letters be
Because for a time
Separated souls are we.

Let our little lights shine
The gay breezes of our day
As leaves we rake send joy
Along, along, along your way.

Cherry grape tomatoes
Still hang upon the vine
Lingering memories of sweet
Fruit, turned to precious wine.

The pool so chilly on my arm
As from the skimmer I pull
Handfulls of matted leaves
That encase my arm like wool.

Sunlight warms in muted tones
The yard in patches green
I worry not of tomorrow lights
For today the joy’s still seen.

I know not what the breeze will bring
When the Nordic air doth blow
Down from the frozen Artic heart
Challenging what I know.

So I trust the colors still glow
In places far and wide
When the only truth I have,
Is poetry inside.

Stacy Peterson


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  • Struble

    Nice poem.

  • Stacy

    My brother was released from jail today. He served a 90 day sentence for first time reckless driving under the influence of “trace amounts of Xanax”. At the time I wrote this poem, he had been in solitary confinement for 40 days. Political retribution is alive and well in NC.

    • goral

      “Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage….”
      There were political prisoners before John the Baptist and are still. The ones who use this form of retribution against those who challenge their corrupt power will surely face a cell with spiders and snakes even before their miserable demise.