Poem: “WonderLove”



When I softly sing a lullaby alone to you,
I wonder if in heaven you can hear.
When I whisper that I love you love you now,
I wonder if you’ll ever want me near.

When I try to touch your tiny cheeks and hands,
I wonder if in heaven you can feel.
When I try to put my finger on your lips,
I wonder if I’ll ever really heal.

When I say my love’s now there alive in you,
I wonder if in heaven you can know
That now I want to be so much with you,
And your love, your child-like love, can make it so.

If my falling tears could cascade upon your smile,
I wonder if you’d know each hour I grieve.
If once again with me you could live,
Will you wonder why I ever made you leave?

When my long and well-earned penance has been done,
I wonder if you’ll say “I forgive.”
When our Father tells you I have new life from His Son,
I hope you’ll say “Mama, you can live.”

Copyright © Guy McClung 2015


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