Sex-selection Abortions and China’s Brutality: Shall We “Gulp and Get Over It”?


Feng Jianmei and her second child

When editor Allison Benedikt wrote last week that the pro-choice movement in America needs to stop being squeamish about sex-selection abortions and just accept it, I thought my head might explode, but ultimately I said nothing. One can only respond to so many outrageous things said by the abortion industry and its advocates, and her article was definitely outrageous.

This article was originally published at Catholic Online.  It is reprinted here with the author’s permission.

Ms. Benedikt’s pièce de résistance was this: “Also, let’s just remember that we are talking about fetuses. No matter how many ultrasound pics get posted to Facebook, these are fetuses with female genitals or male genitals — not little boys or little girls. If pro-choicers object to aborting because of the sex of the fetus, aren’t we then saying that abortion is “murdering” girls? Aren’t we basically arguing that a fetus is not a blank slate but a future possibility? That is not the case to make if your goal is to protect abortion rights. Gulp for a second if you must, then get over it.”

Now you see why I thought my head might explode.

When not instituting wild new pseudo-science and rewriting human biology, Benedikt is like some weird hybrid of hypnotist and drill Sergeant: You will NOT acknowledge that instinctual revulsion rising up in your throat at the idea of killing girls just because they’re girls! I know you’re a girl, too. So what? You will NOT admit that it’s wrong! Listen to me, it’s not really a girl anyway! Swallow hard! Abortion is good! Ignore the queasiness in your stomach — it means nothing. All that matters is abortion!abortion!abortion!

Blank slates? Fetuses with female genitals or male genitals? Benedikt is choking on her own desperation and the desperation of the entire abortion industry. Since actual science refutes them at every turn and logic and reason are not on their side, they must invent their own “science” and their own logic. Suddenly that “thing” in the uterus is just a blank slate. Just an ambiguous creature with genitals that might be male or female, but whatever, it’s not a boy or girl. I wonder when the magic happens that turns the creature into a baby girl or baby boy.

Every rational person knows that Benedikt’s argument is preposterous, to put it nicely. But it’s her dictate that everyone just ignore the stirrings of their conscience and squash their uneasiness with the horror of gendercide that is most troubling. It ought to set off alarm bells in every feminist heart when someone starts preaching the necessity of killing girls merely because they’re girls for the sake of women’s rights.

It ought to disturb every person professed to be interested in justice and equality that the “choice” to kill girls just because they’re girls must be protected and defended for the sake of protecting the “choice” to kill any baby, for any reason whatsoever. If girls must pay a highly disproportionate price, so be it. Who cares about girls?

Benedikt is desperate because she knows that anyone who allows themselves to be repulsed by the idea of targeting baby girls in the womb will soon have to question abortion altogether. How can it be wrong to kill a baby girl but not a baby boy? How can it be wrong to abort for *this* reason but okay to abort for *that* reason? No. Once the veneer of morality is stripped away and the illogic exposed, abortion is revealed for what it truly is every time it happens: the intentional killing of a child.

So if you’re going to tell everyone to gulp and then “get over it”, then be honest about what you’re getting over, Ms. Benedikt: Killing a child — killing a girl. (Thanks for nothing, ya lousy feminists.)

So though her outrageous nonsense was mind-blowing, I decided to ignore Ms. Benedikt and move on. Until today when I saw the wrenching images of Feng Jianmei and her little baby who’d been forcibly aborted in China just a few weeks ago. It was more than my heart could take.

Via Jill Stanek:
“On May 30, 20 local Chinese officials dragged 23-yr-old pregnant mother Feng Jianmei from her home and held her three days for a 40,000 yuan ($6250) ransom before killing her seven-month-old baby en utero by lethal injection and delivering her tiny corpse after family failed to come up with the cash.”
“At the hospital they held her down,” said Mr Deng to All Girls Allowed, a Christian organisation in the United States that campaigns against the One Child policy. “They covered her head with a pillowcase. She could not do anything because they were restraining her,” he added. He said his wife had tried to kill herself after the abortion.
Mrs Feng told All Girls Allowed that she could “feel the baby jumping around inside me all the time, but then she went still”….
Chai Ling, of All Girls Allowed, said officials had “launched a campaign of forced abortions”. Li Yuongjiou, of Ankang’s family planning department, told Caixin, a magazine, that the town had missed its targets under the One Child policy for two years, and this year there was an emphasis on stricter enforcement.”

So, shall we still “gulp if we must, and then get over it”?? But that’s China, you say, not the United States. We don’t forcibly abort here! We’re all about choice!

Look at those pictures, and see our future. Actually, look at that baby and see our present. No, our government doesn’t hunt down pregnant women, abduct them off the streets, drug them, beat them, and then violently kill their babies against their will, thank God.

But the instinctual revulsion and horror we would rightly feel at the thought of tearing the arms and legs off a baby or stabbing a baby in the heart has been diluted in our hearts and silenced in our consciences for 40 years now. We’ve been told we have to allow abortion even if that thing in the pit of our stomachs won’t leave us in peace. We’ve been told to disregard that voice in our heads screaming that it can’t possibly be okay to kill a child.

We’ve been told abortion is a good thing for women and society, and those unsightly remains of bloody babies are just anti-woman propaganda. Yeah, it’s not pretty to look at, so do yourself a favor and stop looking at it. Forget the baby; it’s not human anyway.

All we’re left with is a mere feeling of uneasiness and discomfort at the idea of targeting girls in the womb, and now that discomfort, we’re told, we must swallow down and “get over”

Babies like Feng Jianmei’s are killed in our cities here in wonderful America every day, and we call it our “right.” Children are ripped from the womb in pieces and we call it our “choice.” We are well on our way to becoming China. If people heed Ms. Benedikt’s directive to just “gulp, then get over it”, the only possible destination is China.

Ms. Benedikt, take a good, long look at the photos of Feng Jianmei and her dead baby. Be horrified, if you still can be. Look at the baby. That’s no blank slate. That’s a child. That’s what your precious “choice” destroys while you play deaf, dumb, and blind to everything but your sacrosanct “right”.

All of you who insist you can personally be opposed to abortion but cannot “impose” your beliefs on anyone else, take a good, long look at that child. Now tell that child you just couldn’t “impose” on anyone else. Sorry, baby.

Is there anything left that will shock our numbed sensibilities? Fr. Frank Pavone is absolutely right when he says America will never reject abortion until America sees abortion.

Well, America, I dare you. Take a long, hard look at Feng Jianmei and her murdered little baby. That’s abortion. Don’t just gulp and get over it.


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  • Tarheel

    So if the child during the ultra sound is not positioned just so they can tell if it is a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’ or should a I say for MS Benedikt “it has male genitals or female genitals”, do you wait and come back or just…….

    Some days you just don’t know just how many misguided and “overly educated” dummies there are in this world.

  • wild rose

    Years ago when the issue of “fetus vs baby” became public discussion I read a roadside sign:

    If it isn’t a baby then your not pregnant.

  • wild rose

    Years ago when the issue of “fetus vs baby” became public discussion I read a roadside sign:

    If it isn’t a baby then you’re not pregnant.

  • I am so tired of the endless legal wrangling for incremental progress against abortion. Abortion is murdering children and it is against the law of God. If we were truly a virtuous nation, we simply would not tolerate it in our midst. Are there Catholic men willing to go to jail to run abortionists out of town? Anyone willing to murder children should be escorted, by force if necessary, to the city limits and told not to return. A little frontier justice would serve God’s law and would save lives.

    It’s not as farfetched as it sounds. In North Dakota, we have only one abortion clinic, in Fargo, and there are no doctors in town willing to perform abortions. So the clinic has to bring in doctors from out-of-state for its grisly business. North Dakota could become the first abortion-free state if only the doctor were told in no uncertain terms that he/she is not welcome. Vigilante justice? Maybe, but it’s a lot less lawless than abortion.

  • Tarheel

    PraireHawk I agree with you as long as no physical violence would be involved in escorting the doctor to the edge of town and told not to return. I think here in Mobile AL it is the same situation. They ‘fly in” a doc from somewhere once a week to perform “contract killings”. That is what I have started to call them as the mother and the clinic come to an agreement and money is exchanged to end the life of the child she is carrying. Is that not the description of a contract killing? If the pro-abortion group can have their legal wrangling I can too.

    I do like your idea of Catholic Men stepping up to end abortion. This gives me a thought and an idea. Just how powerful a message would it be if an abortion clinic was circled by Catholic Men praying the Rosary?


    • I have prayed the Rosary at the abortion clinic and I know that my prayer wasn’t wasted. But it’s as if God is saying, I’ve heard your prayers for 40 years and the ball is in your court. What are YOU going to DO about abortion? Maybe all the prayer of the past decades (and we still need it, don’t get me wrong) has been leading up to the point where Catholics are empowered to take the matter into their own hands.

  • It could be done without violence. Men would get arrested, but imagine the headline if 25% of the men of a given parish were sitting in jail – and Father too! (or even Bishop!)

  • Tarheel

    Well it would not be the first time I’ve been arrested. But as you say “the ball is in our court” what do we need to do? First as fathers and husbands we need to the spiritual leaders of our families. We need to be that stalwart of faith that our children and our community see every day at home and away from home.

    Do a search on Men of St Joseph and read about this movement for men.

  • I don’t know what the answer is, and maybe I’m speaking out of turn. I checked the Men of St. Joseph website and the diocese where I work is having a “Be a Man” camp this summer. I would like for all Catholics to know that God places no limitations on what he can ask of us – if he can call Christians to martyrdom, he can do anything short of that.

    Maybe it’s time to have a conversation in the Church about what we are willing to do. Over a million children die every year in this country by abortion, and abortuaries are in our own neighborhoods, right next to our homes. What will God say when he judges our nation? Something like, “I understand that you were too busy to help end abortion, and anyway it’s all the politicians’ fault?” We all know what goes on in abortion “clinics”, and that makes it partly our responsibility.

    Virtuous people do not tolerate evil, or at least not for very long. The same goes for contraception (why can I walk into my neighborhood drugstore and see condoms on the shelves, next to the toothpaste, where any 14 year old can pick them up?); and for gay “marriage” as for abortion. I believe we may very well be called as Catholics, the People of God, to more and more widespread civil disobedience both to try to eradicate evil, when possible, and to atone for all the evil we have already allowed.

    If the People of God aren’t responsible for ending abortion, who is?

  • Try this scenario. A group of Catholic men – 5 or 6 – go into the local drugstore and ask to see the manager. They tell him that they are confiscating all the contraceptives he has on display to the public, and the contraceptives will be destroyed because they are intrinsically evil and contrary to the law of God.

    I mean, wake up folks! Aren’t we supposed to destroy evil – burn a pornographic magazine, irradiate a tumor – instead of tolerating it? Our minds and senses are dull to evil because we’ve been swimming in it for generations. When do we say “enough”?

    We need to have the confidence in God to take action and trust him with the consequences. It’s not easy, but then life isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be in a fallen world.