Social Media For Business: 3 Ways To Discover New Content To Share


social-mediaManaging a social media account for clients is super fun – you get to learn their brand, interact with their followers and friends, and ultimately, help your client achieve their goals.

What can be more fun than that?

Building a comprehensive social media strategy does not need to be that complex at all. As I always, always insist, and with big expertise to back me up, effective and successful social media strategies start with being human, being respectful, and love.

If your behavior on social media would get you punched in the face in real life, you need a new plan.

In addition to being a real human being who cares about people on social media, you also should consider adding value to your online friends’ lives. That’s what you do in real life, isn’t it?

Adding value online often means sharing content. Often times, it can be difficult to find quality content in whatever field you are in. Here are three tips to help you:

Tip #1: Find and Book Content Collection Sites

Two examples that I use daily are and These two sites collect stories 24/7 in two fields that I am interested in, which is Catholicism and Social Media. They aren’t the only ones; but, they are reliable sources of information for me and my followers, which are primarily Catholic and Social Media users.

I visit these sites daily, find new stories, and read them. If I think they add value or if I think somebody specific would appreciate the information, I share it., by the way, is awesome. You can customize that thing to the core, to fit your needs. Highly suggested for anybody in any industry.

Tip #2: Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service that Google provides for free. What it does is this: you can have Google email you, as often as you choose, when a particular word, phrase, or website publishes something. You can drill down very specifically to anything.

For example, several years ago I set up a Google alert on my name. It is set to email me the moment Google is aware of any instance when my name is published online. This way I can monitor any mentions of me; be they good or bad.

Set up a google alert for any topic you want: when the Catholic Church is mentioned in the NYTimes, or when the Vatican mentions social media. Whatever your topic, don’t miss it/

Tip #3: Subscribe to RSS Feeds

Lastly, you can use RSS feeds to track content off of your favorite websites. I suggestcreating a filter in your email client, so that your email inbox doesn’t flood to quickly (and itreduces ‘noise‘).

By using this method, you can review new content daily without investing a huge amount of time.


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