The Incremental Approach to Taxpayor Funded Abortion for All


pregnant-woman-yellowAbortion groups are using the tragic circumstances of rape to advance their cause: unrestricted abortion for all. They rely on the reluctance of members of Congress to speak out against abortion in the case of rape.

Events during the last election cycle, where candidates statements on rape were used to help defeat them, has contributed to this silence. Few political leaders can speak to the issue with the conviction that Presidential candidate Rick Santorum did.

Santorum expressed that all unborn life should be protected regardless of the circumstances and that one violent act should not lend itself to a second. He stated “that rapists themselves are not sentenced to murder, but children created in a rape could be aborted even though they had committed no crime.” He stated that this pointed to a “flawed moral compass in the nation.”

Just a few months ago, abortion advocates were successful in advocating for abortion coverage for military women who become pregnant due to rape. Now a bill in Congress, if passed, will extend it to Peace Corp workers. Senator Lautenberg, the author of many pro-abortion bills, is behind this effort.

Referred to as the Peace Corp Equity Act (S183), it would guarantee all volunteers serving around the world have access to abortion in the case of rape, incest and life endangerment.

Additionally, international abortion groups continue with an effort to gain access to US funding through foreign humanitarian assistance for rape victims in conflict areas. Currently the Helms amendment prohibits groups or clinics from using US foreign assistance for abortion.

There are many courageous pro-life advocates in Congress that are making real efforts to protect a woman and her unborn child from abortion. We need to encourage these same members to speak out publicly defending protection for all pregnant women, especially when the woman has already been a victim to rape, and not allow policy that will submit her to a second violent act.

Assistance that helps these women kill their unborn child will not provide the healing they need.


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