The Light of Christ Can Stop the Brutal Darkness of Abortion


Holy Sprit dove in gold lightThe October 26th 2015 edition of carried an article entitled “Abortionist Caught Saying It Would be a “Great Idea” to Burn Aborted Babies for Energy.”[1] The article attributed the quote to Michigan abortion mill owner, Renee Chelian, at a 2014 conference in San Francisco for the National Abortion Federation (NAF). Chelian owns the Northland Family Planning chain of abortion clinics which does about 25% of Michigan’s abortions. quotes an undercover recording of Chelian saying,

I was so consumed with fetal tissue that I was ready to drive to upper Michigan to have a bonfire. And I was trying to figure out, you know, how I wouldn’t get stopped or how far into the woods I would have to go to have this fire that nobody would see me.

There was discussion about the need for large-scale cremation and after an NAF workshop Chelian says it would be a “great idea” to burn the bodies of aborted babies as a source of energy. What an environmentalist!

Disposing of such large masses of bodies was also problematic for the Nazis and their mass exterminations. They found their final solution in fire: Crematoria on a massive scale. In his book The Third Reich: A New History, Michael Burleigh wrote about the preparations of Auschwitz for a 1944 influx of humanity destined for death:

“Crematoria were refurbished, chimneys reinforced, new railtrack laid, and forty to fifty metre incineration pits dug for the anticipated difficulties in disposing of the bodies. Human fats were recycled from there to boost the intensity of the crematoria.” [2]

Chelian knows history. Burning victim’s bodies can be a source of energy! If it wasn’t for that annoying PR problem, Renee Chelian’s issue of being overrun with human remains could easily be solved. (It’s hard for me to fathom such depravity.)

In the underworld where a Rudolf Höss or a Renee Chelian exist, their consciences are seared by the alluring flames of hell’s promise of advantage, wealth or other gain. They are odious robbers of life who must burn evidence of their wicked deeds lest they be exposed to the light of unchanging principles of natural law. They have hearts of brutes, their depraved ferocity deforms their souls. The abaissé.

What mutant influences turn such people into monsters of evil?

I know that somewhere beneath their twisted, diabolical personal enigmas, the image of God still exists. They were stamped with that Image at the moment of their conception, just as it was for their victims.

God can still redeem Renee Chelian from the abyss she’s descending into from the mortal sin of abortion. We must not demonize her, she has already done that to herself. She needs a painful epiphany about the evil of abortion and a realization of her own internal poverty. We must pray for her and others involved in the abortion business. Their eternal souls are at stake!

Christ can melt stone hearts and turn them back to flesh. I know, Christ did that for me. It’s a miracle, a wonderful mystery.

Throughout the ages Christ has broken hard and cruel human hearts with his love and forgiveness, changing sinners into saints. I pray He will do the same for Renee Chelian and touch her heart even in her present darkness. Christ’s love for Renee is greater than her sin. He can heal all things for He is the light of the world that drives away darkness.[3]

With God’s help Renee Chelian can change. I pray she will and walk away from her abortion mills.

[1] See . Also see Christine Niles, “Abortion Mill Director Jokes About Dumping Babies in Garbage Disposal: Also jokes about lighting a bonfire with fetal remains”, 27 October 2015, Church Militant: serving Catholics.
[2] Michael Burleigh, THE THIRD REICH: A NEW HISTORY (New York: Hill and Wang, 2000), p. 773.
[3] John 8.12.


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  • Guy McClung

    Mark D: This is a hard saying you have said, to pray for her. And if we are real Christians, and if we really do want to be a voice for the unborn children, that voice must also say the prayer you suggest. Thank you. Guy McClung, San Antonio