The Tragic Results of Planned Parenthood’s Political Victory


Within moments of the final presidential election results, Planned Parenthood was beating its drum, changing its logo, and squawking about how it came to pass that the Obama reelection was a “resounding victory for women.” Some have even suggested that Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is now the official “Secretary of Abortion.”

But if you peel away the skin of the onion you get a pretty good idea of what it really means to Planned Parenthood to have its abortion-advocate-in-chief entrenched for another four years.

Rita Diller, national director of Stop Planned Parenthood International, offered an immediate analysis, writing,

What does this victory mean for Planned Parenthood? It means it operates its abortion business with all the money it could ever dream of, because Obama has already proven that if anyone tries to defund his she-devils, he will step in and fund them directly. It means it will have virtually unlimited funds to buy its way into school districts and community organizations so that it can continue to recruit and corrupt our children from the youngest ages. It means security for abortion on demand as the law of our land, as Obama is poised to appoint more Supreme Court justices who will make sure that Roe v. Wade will not be overturned.

It means that the abortion giant rises this morning, emboldened beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, drunk on its victory and roaring with a newfound level of aggression to devour our children and lash out in a wholehearted attempt to destroy the Catholic Church.

Finally, I would add that it means more maimed women, more dead bodies, and more souls in jeopardy. Planned Parenthood is out to destroy, not to build. Its mission is victory for the bottom line, not for women.

The following facts make this abundantly clear.

Planned Parenthood is targeting tweens and teens using social media to sell sexual promiscuity and is redefining what it means to be a slut in today’s modern culture.

Planned Parenthood cheers on the Obama administration which is, among other things, supportive of programs that focus on grooming young children for sexual pleasure—supporting programs such as the failed Kinsey sex education model.

The Planned Parenthood Federation’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, claims that legal restrictions on abortion are the same as enforced abortion, writing, “Forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy she wants or to continue a pregnancy that she does not want both violate the same human rights.”

Such argumentation makes the case for a further extension of human rights which includes an expectant mother’s right to kill her child prior to birth.

While we are not sure what direct murder of the innocent has to do with human rights, Planned Parenthood clearly sees things differently—and its man is now in charge.

As if these recent events were not enough, Planned Parenthood has also been busy in the courts, most recently winning a battle to continue receiving tax dollars from Texans to fund its activities in that state.

As is usually the case, the best evidence that such programs and activities are deadly for many comes from a personal story, which in this case had a tragic result. One week before the devastating storm Sandy hit the east coast, “a 15-year-old Staten Island girl threw herself in front of a train, after a video of her having sex with four football players was passed around her school.”

The writer of this very tragic story about Felicia Garcia put her finger directly on the problems that led to this young girl’s untimely death, “Felicia was a victim of a culture that tells 15-year-olds that sex is fun at any age, that being a virgin is uncool, that sex is the same for boys and for girls and that casual sex can be ‘empowering.’”

What young girls and boys do not learn is that before anyone can think that such behavior is hip or cool, one has to leave his self-respect in the closest garbage can because purity and love of chastity are what it takes to love yourself when you are too young to be confronted by the brutality of your peers.

Yes, this young woman’s tragic demise came about because our culture and all that it embraces is terminally ill. The antidote is precisely what nobody wants to hear—virtue.

If we are really serious about ending the Planned Parenthood madness which has led to abortion on demand in America, then we must first accept the challenge to convert the nation, one person at a time.

And frankly, time is not on our side.


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