This Is The Stuff of Which Martyrs Are Made!


Homily for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

A new year invites us to think of goals we would like to achieve and resolutions we want to make. In short, it seems to be the ideal time for renewal and commitment.

However, in all honesty, do we really expect 2013 to be different than 2012 or any other year for that matter?  On the one hand, we would like to think that we are growing in our knowledge of and our love for God; on the other hand, we see signs that clearly contradict God’s revealed truth, such as the so-called right to abortion remains unimpeded and the morally repugnant re-definition of marriage that seeks to legitimatize immoral behavior condemned in both the Old and New Testaments.

Sadly, we are entering upon an era that has relegated the revealed Word of God to the status of opinion, and the truth to a relativism whose measure of acceptance is the human appetite for pleasure and convenience.

I truly believe that loyal Christians will once again be in the minority when it comes to the burning moral issues of our day, as we learn the limits of a democratic government that depends on the whim of a majority rather than on the unchanging truth that wrong is wrong if everyone is wrong, and right is right if no one is right.  This is the stuff of which martyrs are made!

May I respectfully suggest that the challenge of 2013 is not unlike that faced by the Blessed Mother whose feast we commemorate this day.  Mary became Mother of God not through any merit of her own but because she put aside every desire, every wish, every hope for her own physical or material happiness in order to allow God to work through her for the benefit of the human race.  Indeed, God became man because one woman surrendered her autonomy, did not insist on her rights and put the needs of others before her own.

As we move into this new year, please remember that civil laws may change but God’s law for human nature does not change.  You and I are created in the image of God not the government, and on this new year’s day we re-affirm our belief that a benevolent God watches over us, despite our inadequacies, failings and even our sins.  If there is one resolution we should make, we do no better that resolve to be on God’s side.  A happy and faith-filled New Year to all of you!


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  • Noel Fitzpatrick

    It is a good idea to remember special days.

    Today we remember St Elizabeth Ann Seton. The priest at Mass today asked the married women if they would like to send their husbands off to a monastery and start a religious order. I do not know if the response was good.

  • BillinJax

    We are granted life by God with the obligation to die at some point. This
    world and the imperfect conditions for living in it is the challenge all of us post
    paradise humans have to face and be judged for our performance dealing with it
    in the particular situation we find ourselves. True Christians know and
    understand this as the will of a perfect merciful God and loving Father and His
    son our Redeemer. They also know and understand we have limitations and that we are His children and we can’t become gods ourselves.

    Liberal thinking, knowingly or not, vainly attempts to deny this. They
    believe they can be more merciful than God and that their challenge is to replace
    God among mankind themselves.

    The false power which comes from a union of minds with that notion, they
    feel, gives them the right to judge, proclaim, and act out the role of those with
    absolute authority within their society. And yes, they will forever
    consistently strive to capture by any means within their reach the power to set
    the rules of governing which allows them to pick and choose what is of value to
    their culture and to confiscate, and redistribute the wealth of their society
    in a fashion that will first perpetuate their power and secondly separate the
    citizens into a controlled productive minority as a source of capital sufficient
    to maintain a duped and deceived dependent mob willing to accept perceived
    equality and crippling social slavery disguised as justified benevolent