What Letterman Should Say

After receiving a threat from al Qaeda for making fun of Muslim terrorists on the “Late Show,” David Letterman has gone mum. Catholic League president Bill Donohue recommends he issue the following statement immediately:
Though I never mentioned Muslims or Islam in my June 8 monologue, I received a serious death threat from al Qaeda. This has forced me to reconsider the propriety of my humor about religion.
I have come to the conclusion that it is wrong to smear an entire religion and its clergy, which is why I am going to stop bashing Catholic priests. For too many years, I have taken wild swipes at priests, generalizing from the particular to the collective. I don’t do this to any other demographic group, and I shouldn’t do this to Catholic priests, either. Just because Catholics don’t threaten to cut off my tongue, break my neck, or put a hit on me, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t respect their religion. Ethics alone demands they be treated like, say, Muslims.
Donohue adds: “Bad as Letterman has been, he is positively saintly compared to Jay Leno. It would be great if both men, especially Leno, took this opportunity to stop with their sweeping generalizations about Catholic priests. It shouldn’t take a death threat to bring them to their senses—it should simply take common decency.”

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  • Mr. Donohue,

    I must say first that I like you and I agree with you almost all the time but this time, while I agree that it is cowardly and mean to take cheap shots at all priests because of the sins of a minority… one has to admit that comedians will be comedians.

    Priests should be respected but not worshiped, like it happens in those circles where “father cannot do wrong” even if he has suspicious habits, preaches heresy from the pulpit, or is downright uncaring of his flock. Over-respecting them got us into the mess we are in. Comedians will not let that pass but WE are responsible for giving room to others to mock the name of Christ and His priesthood.

    Let us not be so self righteous and idiotic like the fundamentalist Muslims, or the IRA for that matter (forgive me the Irish reference) and bear the ridicule with some grace. I suggest we learn to bear it from other groups that have been taking it for centuries.

    “Two Jews walk into a bar…”

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    Hey, Carlos, did you feel the earthquake?

  • Yup. At about 1:50pm I was at the computer when the building started shaking violently. The AC started at the same time – at first I thought the central AC equipment had a lose bolt – but a few seconds later I could see the building actually moving like a boat at sea. It lasted 20 to 40 seconds but it was clear it was an earthquake. Everything is cool, no one got hurt around here. I will wait a little bit to drive over the bridge though… This is what I listened to after the shock was over. Enjoy!