Poem: “Agony”



Praying in a garden,
Leaning on a rock
I know that Pilate’s soldiers
Are going to torture and mock.

I’m sweating and I’m weeping
I’m losing blood and tears
My people shall shout “Crucify!”
It’s almost too much too hear.

Yet My Father up in Heaven
This is His will for Me
So I will drink this cup of His
And do this willingly.

I get up, now more confident,
And turn to see My friends.
And here they are, just taking rest!
They have abandoned Me!

“John, could you not stay awake?
Peter, do you sleep?
James, pray you will not fall again.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I go again to cry to God,
greatly agitated.
This is for My own people,
My very own created.

But even so, I see it now,
The whipping and the lashing
Then after that, the crown of thorns,
And then the ugly crucifixion.

“Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,
Come down from your cross, where you’re nailed!”
satan tempts Me even now,
But he will not prevail!

I turn around and gaze, look back.
There are My disciples, sleeping!
Why must they do this to Me again?
Why must they repeat their actions?

“My friends, wake up! What are you doing?”
They slowly look at Me.
They do not know what is to happen
That I will be nailed to a tree.

Judas is coming; I haven’t much time,
Now nearing my human life’s end.
“But have courage,” the angels sing to me
“This is for every soul to mend”

Behold Judas, My friend and betrayer,
Now I receive his kiss.
The men rush forward and tie me with ropes
And life’s true meaning they miss.

A flash of Peter’s sword
Is followed by a cry.
“Enough of this!” I say,
And heal this child of Mine.

They take Me away, and as I look back
I see my disciples, all running.
They have fallen to the trap:
They have lost to satan’s cunning.

Marcelo Ortiz



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