Abortion Insanity


The 252 page systematic review “Induced Abortion and Mental Health” published in December 2011 by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is easily dismantled by appealing to its fundamental premise. You don’t have to be a medical doctor to know that if you ask the wrong question, your entire premise is flawed and time spent answering flawed questions is time wasted. People either do that ignorantly or dishonestly. It’s a faulty question to ask whether or not a woman suffers mental anguish after she kills her own child. Of course she does, a woman with her sanity and dignity intact doesn’t do that in the first place, and women who abort need help, not excuses.

These lengthy treatises are written to normalize this unnatural act and to justify spending large sums of money to promote abortion globally. Governments fund such reviews, paying physicians who also support abortion, to say the same thing: 1) The research is limited, 2) but “unwanted” pregnancies negatively affect women, 3) and women who experience mental health problems after abortion had mental health problems before it and therefore, abortion is not the cause. It’s not really about the woman’s health. Dr. Priscilla Coleman of the Bowling Green School of Family and Consumer Science has spent her career disputing these people, so for an in depth, trustworthy analysis, read her work. However, the question of a link between mental health and abortion is obvious. Of course a woman who kills her child in the womb is suffering mentally and will suffer mentally afterwards. Something is terribly wrong in her soul and in her life. Those are the issues they ought to be studying.

These pre-concluded studies are used by people who profit from abortion or who follow the cause mindlessly. They uphold the weighty (and likely unread) work proclaiming, “See, it’s exhaustively studied, abortion doesn’t hurt women. Scientists said so!” Just like sex sells, science sells. Only this isn’t even remotely science, it’s propaganda nonsense. So my advice to pro-life advocates is to avoid becoming distracted by the meaningless details of the study. Sticking toothpicks in your eye would be more enjoyable. Just refuse to entertain the idea that killing your child is ever sane. Period. Then, just like the parent listening suspiciously to a guilty child chatter away incoherently twisting the truth to make his wrongs sound better, shake your head and commence the gentle but firm corrections if someone presents you with this argument, and never stop praying.


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Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D. is a wife and mother raising seven children with her husband in New York. She is a chemist turned homemaker and joyful convert to Catholicism who is currently pursuing an MA in Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary so that she can communicate the doctrines of the Church more effectively. She is Chief Editor at Ignitum Today and a Senior Editor at Catholic Lane. She writes about all that she is learning at her blog Accepting Abundance.