Ballad: “Farewell of The Unborn Martyr”


The struggle is over, I have been defeated

The room here is covered with evil and gloom

An unborn child in the womb of my mother

A nurse and a doctor plan to tear me apart

No crime was committed but my sentence is murder

My mother lies scared and in terrible pain

My father is outside, he will not defend me

No friends have I here, but some dear souls outside


Love for my parents I carry in my heart

I lay down my life for my Mom and my Dad

Farewell to this world God willed me to live in

In love have I lived, and a martyr I’ll die (I’ve died)


My dreams have been broken, my plans have been shattered

No birthdays or cakes, no schoolbooks for me

I will not get married, or have any children

But the love which I have will never be spent

For the instruments seek me, they will tear my body

As I carry my cross as my Lord did before

The pain from the cutting is excruciating

But this does not compare with my abandonment


No name was I given by my parents who forsake me

I’ll await their conversion while I behold God’s Face

Someday they will name me when blessed with true sorrow

God waits with forgiveness through the Love of Jesus

Who was innocent when He gave up His Body

And Blood on the Cross so that we may all live

My Baptism comes by the blood of my torture

My Christening gown is the womb of my mom


I did receive some love on the morning of my death

Some souls who did care were out praying for me

A rosary they gave to my mother that morning

As she rushed by those watching and praying for us

My Dad only cursed them as he felt so guilty

My Mom threw the Rosary back down at their feet

If only they had listened to the prayers and the wisdom

How happy I’d be to have a chance at life


I now have been killed, my body is broken

The Mother of Jesus comes to carry me away

She holds me and rocks me while her tears fall on my face

Her tears are for me and my Mom and my Dad.

Mary brings me before my dear Father in Heaven

Along with my angel who kept watch over me

My Jesus receives me, the Holy Spirit fills me

While we all shed tears of love for my Mom and my Dad


 ( Copyright James M. Littleton, written in Eucharistic adoration chapel, February 1999, revised July 21, 2011.)


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