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  • I’ve been wondering for years whether Darwin’s theories violate certain well-established principles of philosophy and science. Why doesn’t anyone in the evolution community see this? To take one example, a system never moves from a less-ordered state (an amoeba) to a more highly ordered state (a dog or a human being) without some kind of ordering agent.

    To test this, send a ten-year-old upstairs to clean his room. If he sits on the edge of his bed for two hours, the room isn’t going to clean itself. If he (the ordering agent) engages himself, the room will be clean in twenty minutes. It doesn’t matter how long he waits; whether two hours or 100 million years, the room is not going to go from a less-ordered to a more-ordered state by itself.

    The proposal of evolution is that life can move from a less-ordered state, such as an amoeba, to a highly-ordered state, like a human being, all on its own with enough time, but without an ordering principle. But it doesn’t matter how much time you inject into the system–just ask a ten-year-old. It can’t happen.

    It’s so simple even a lowly Bachelor of Science can see it! I’d love to hear a rebuttal from an evolutionist.

  • Mary Kochan

    It’s that whole “ordering agent” thing, PrairieHwak. If they accept an ordering agent, the ordering agent might start ordering them.

    • That’s probably the whole of it. I remember taking college biology in a large, auditorium-style lecture hall. In front of several hundred of us young people, our distinguished professor stated with great confidence that “With evolution, God is not required.”

      Even in the muddled and vulnerable state I was in during college, I wasn’t ready to buy into that. Now, with years of reflection, I have no doubt that God is indeed required, and that even a scientist should be able to figure it out!

  • fishman

    One of the MAJOR problems still ‘unsolved’ in Darwinian evolutionary biology is how information is gained.

    Consider an entity… perhaps something plant like.
    Natural selection will never cause it to GAIN the information needed to be able to walk around.

    Natural section always ‘removes’ information from the genome by selecting it OUT.

    The propose process for information gain ( random mutation) is a truly horrible mechanism. In fact all it can account for is the gain in various proteins, but it is far cry to move from say a branch to a leg simply by having skewing a few proteins. The reality is that MOST mutations are harmful to the survivability of the individual and mutated creatures also tend to have a disadvantage in mating.

    So how does it happen? it just doesn’t make a lot of sense at all.

  • It’s that whole “ordering agent” thing, PrairieHwak. If they accept an ordering agent, the ordering agent might start ordering them.

    I loved that comment! 🙂

    The blueprint we all carry, our DNA contains a flat symbolic abstract representation of THE STEPS needed to build a cell. The number of beneficial mutations needed to get from the first prokaryote to the first man is so improbable that is statistically impossible. Yet we are told by the “scientists” that all that is required is a long-long time. Well, the hard sciences have determined that the universe we live in is 13.5 billion years old (give or take a billion) and our planet cooled down enough to allow carbon-based life to exist just about 3 or 4 billion years ago. That’s it. That’s what they have 3 or 4 billion years. For the staggering amount of mutations needed to jump from prokaryote to Justin Bieber they need much more time than that.

    Malcolm Muggeridge said: “Marx and Freud are the two great destroyers of Christian civilization, the first replacing the gospel of love by the gospel of hate, the other undermining the essential concept of human responsibility” and I would add that Darwin helped them by taking away God’s gift of humanity. He took God from our ancestry and replaced Him with a beast. That unholy trinity Marx-Freud-Darwin gave birth to the most brutal century mankind has known.

    We have to clean the culture of their unholy fables if the human race is to survive at all.