God is Not Welcome Here


Hands_of_God_and_Adam creation“A small error in the beginning leads to a multitude of errors in the end” – Aristotle, De Coelo

The small error in this case is the assumption made long ago by the members of the United States Supreme Court that they had the power to play God. First, the court ignored the science on the subject of how birth control chemicals work and removed all barriers to the sale of such drugs.

Next, the court chose to relegate certain human beings into the category of trash, ignoring scientific facts and dismissing anyone prior to birth as nothing more than tissue mass. This is how the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions came to be decided.

Since then, the small errors have become one enormous abyss of evil.

Today, for example, Planned Parenthood in York, Pennsylvania, tells women that medically induced abortions are not abortions at all. They are “voluntary miscarriages.” Such blatant lies are nothing new at Planned Parenthood, but the arrogance of such comments is indicative of what happens when a culture loses respect for the Creator of the human person.

At the same time man’s embrace of technology can literally control when and how a pregnancy actually occurs, we see yet another arena where the public remains unaware of the small errors such “experts” are passing off as credible scientific advancement. For example, the business of females donating their eggs so that other women might become pregnant has become dangerous to the babies that come to be as well as their mothers.

One recent clinical study exposes the fact that, “Women who become pregnant using donated eggs have at least three times the risk of developing serious complications.” The article continues, “Such cases are four times as likely to suffer pre-eclampsia and have a threefold risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy.”

Did God intend that women who produce eggs in their fallopian tubes during their fertile time make a decision to donate those eggs for the use of others? Of course not! This is about as far from the natural design for procreation as the idea that, by using surrogate mothers, two people of the same sex can adopt a child into their “family.”

On this subject Elise Hilton writes,

We have no business being in the baby business. Surrogacy harms women and children. While surrogacy may appear to be altruistic, its bottom line is money. Rather than being a “perfect solution” for infertile or gay couples who desire a child (or heaven forbid, a woman who wants a baby but also wants to keep her size 0 figure), it takes what should be a moment of co-creation with God and turns it into a business transaction. It preys on the most vulnerable: the infertile, the poor, the baby, taking a family relationship and creating a contractual obligation. Babies aren’t business.

So the question is, where will this end? When will the abyss of deception finally be exposed and eliminated?

Our culture is ill, having drifted further and further from God and His plan for each of His children. This erosion has taken decades. Today the result is as clear as the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Man has become his own god.

In the process of his ascent to power over life and death, man has devolved into a sea of selfish interests and instant gratification. The law has followed suit and embraced this in ways we could never have imagined. This is why today we legally protect the killing of babies, the maiming of expectant mothers, the degenerate same-sex lifestyle, and the clinical manipulation of human beings. When will this end?

It will end when God is once again welcome.


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