Let’s Be Honest About “Women’s Choice”


woman-depressionThis happened to me 20 years ago and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard or read the same story from both pro-lifers and pro-choicers:

You just told him that the pregnancy test is positive but your boyfriend says it’s not a good time to have a baby, so let’s just get rid of this one since it’s legal and easy. Holding your hand, he swears that you will have other children later.

Shortly after the abortion, the couple breaks up. The boyfriend had his eyes on someone else as soon as he heard the word “pregnant”. So the girl had an abortion that was not freely chosen but rationalized to please her boyfriend, clinging to an uncertain future of motherhood that would make up for the bad Karma of the first pregnancy… a future that will never happen.

She has to live for the rest of her life with the guilt of abortion (suppressed or acknowledged), self-hatred for dating a jerk, not standing up for herself and the humiliation of being dumped because she made the ultimate mistake of getting pregnant (all by herself, it seems); thus becoming less “valuable”.

This is how our society produces angry, bitter, broken women who become phobic of marriage and children (and often pro-choice). This is why I support abstinence and teaching young men and women self-control and respect instead of the false security of “safe sex” that leads to broken hearts, broken souls and broken babies.


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  • Micha Elyi

    “So the girl had an abortion that was not freely chosen but rationalized to please her boyfriend…”–Beatrice Fedor

    You’re rationalizing, Bea. By your criteria, no female ever makes a free choice and men are always to blame for a female’s bad behavior. Nor did “society” produce any “angry, bitter, broken women”, those Daughters of Eve did it to themselves by their own free will.

    Gynolators, repent!

    • goral

      Here, here! repent and believe in the Gospel and not your capricious and irresponsible boyfriend. That’s what husbands are for, girls. Just don’t marry an ACLU type, he’s more unstable than the immature boyfriend.



    • Soliloquized

      Guest? Go figure!

  • j peter

    Is there any compassion left on a Catholic web site? These women were sold a lie by society, friends and often, family, when they were young, scared and in a vulnerable situation. I have met many who have been through this as well, Where were all of you to offer them the help they needed or the love to face it? casting blame like now? Is that what Jesus offered the woman caught in adultery? I remember Him offering compassion, forgiveness and defending her. Only lastly did he warn her not to sin again, So put down your stones and slink away, or better, help a broken soul to find the love of Christ if you know where to find it.

    • Ms_Scotty

      My archdiocese gives hope and help to those in crisis pregnancy and there are other groups that do so as well. They offer all of the above: compassion, forgiveness, and defense of the unborn. These groups also provide job skills counseling, financial help, etc. I don’t think that any of this assistance negates the need to build strong young women and men of good character who can withstand the pressures of a hyper-sexualized society and who will not be taken in by the lies of the abortion industry and its supporters.

    • goral

      Opinions of this particular “compassionate” flavor are usually specious and inaccurate. If you stay with this site for any length of time you’ll find that we are the real deal, compassionate to a fault for all true victims.
      The Planned Parenthood, Sandra Fluke and Sibelius style of compassion is seen for the diabolical scheme that it is. I suggest you put down your stone and read the articles and comments more closely. Then stop drawing conclusions based on your jaded observations.

    • Roger Daily

      I’ll tell you one thing Jesus never offered any woman – the right to kill an innocent child.

    • Lissa

      Interestingly, I’m not seeing a pro-abortion slant to j peter’s comment. I don’t understand where those who replied to his comment are getting it. I figured j peter was commenting to the article comments that preceded his, which are not very nice.

      • Soliloquized

        Abortion is not very nice. The latest trend is Microaggression, have you read anything about it? It’s about stifling interactions lest someone be subject to unintentional bias or insult.

        We’re not talking removing tonsils here, and we’re talking about groups of people that know that practically any law passed against abortion lasts 1 week or so until an activist judge nullifies it.



        Best Regards.

      • goral

        The guy was instructing us, in his Jesus fashion, to “put down our stones”. These are not stones that I’m holding but bagels.(true, bagels can do damage when hurled), these bagels are for food. Jpeter pompously proffered that our compassion just doesn’t come up to the level of his (hers).
        “Is there any compassion left on a Catholic web site?” is his fervent plea. How can anyone not see through that phoniness?
        The fact that you don’t, because you interpret the comments as, just not “nice” enough, puts you squarely with the PC crowd.

    • Soliloquized

      Sold a lie? Are women always to be depicted as weak extensions of men, helpless, constantly duped and incapable of reasoning?

      Where were we all? You’re accusing people that you don’t know of not providing support, how do you know what we did or did not do? I’ve had children since I was 18, my wife 17, you figure it out. We’ve been together since, 35 years ago.

      How about people making good decisions based on what we’re taught by Jesus, not making rash decisions with the idea that we can be forgiven later. IMHO, the forgiving part is being overplayed. My married Born-Again Christian acquaintance from work made a lustful remark about women. Look, I work in a mill, these remarks are common place, it’s not the remark that impressed me, it was his retort when I questioned him how he can be a Born-Again Christian and openly maintain such beliefs (pertaining to what he said, which I don’t care to discuss here). He said that “Christ died for his sins”. He’s said he can recklessly continue to sin because Christ has him covered. That’s repugnant.

      I disagree with your analysis. Victimhood, every one’s a victim and has no control over their destiny. But you know what, my wife and I didn’t allow ourselves to fall into that category, in our case, with this issue, we did what was right by all. Maybe, just maybe, you should have taken the spin on the article that it is critical of the young man for failing to be a man.

      Best Regards.