Mascara, Paul Ryan and Me


I only wear mascara for special occasions: Easter, Christmas, Sunday Mass, an evening out with hubby, lunch with friends. It isn’t a daily, automatic thing for me.

So when I was getting ready to attend the Paul Ryan rally in our area this past week, I thought it odd that my instinct was to put on mascara. This was especially unusual because there I was in jeans and a Romney-Ryan t-shirt—not “mascara worthy” clothes in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happily married so I wasn’t planning on flirting with Paul Ryan when I met him. Mostly I was assuming, though, that I would get to meet him. I wanted to let him know that I have been praying the Rosary for the Romney-Ryan ticket and was excited to imagine such a capable team in the White House. My oldest son is a numbers guy (an actuary) and I have an affinity towards people who can “do the math.” I like the idea of where our country will be heading should the Romney-Ryan team be victorious this November.

I had so much to share with Paul that evening.

So, imagine my surprise when it took almost two hours to get into the arena and then it was standing room only! I realized that I had been duped by the media.

Media bias is, as far as I’m concerned, very much like gravity. It is there and I know it. I don’t need to hem and holler about it. It is frustrating and even nauseating, but I’m old enough and smart enough to know of its existence.

I have hope despite of it.

And yet I had been duped.

As I stood in the packed auditorium screaming chants and cracking up at the other great t-shirts I saw (this one made me chuckle: I’d rather vote for a Mormon than a moron) I had to laugh at myself for thinking I would meet Paul Ryan. I realized that in applying that mascara, I believed all the liberal bias: I didn’t think anyone liked Paul Ryan but me. Well, maybe me and a few other middle-aged women. I didn’t imagine anyone in the great state of Michigan was supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket. I figured there would be about 30 or 40 of us huddled together sharing stories and building one another up.


That is what I have come to believe this election season: there are only a handful of us who are sickened by abortion or worried about the debt and Medicare and Obamacare and mismanagement of funds and overspending and dependence on foreign oil. And those few of us were going to get together and strategize and become fast friends at the Paul Ryan event last Monday. We were going to bolster Paul up and share with him how proud we are of what he is attempting to do and let him know we trust him and are behind him.

Yep, me and 7,000 other people must have had the same idea that cold and blistery night that we waited in line for hours to hear this intelligent, articulate man speak. As it turns out, I didn’t need to wear my mascara but I’m glad I did. Paul Ryan really is “mascara worthy.”


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  • Michelle

    I stopped following the media coverage of the elections from the get go. My sources: CSPAN, Catholicvote and the NCREgister. All is fair and balanced on these sites! :0)

  • nana

    Here in NH it is a bit more hopeful but the election is going to be won by prayer. This is spiritual warfare! Yup, Ryan is mascara worthy and no moron!

    • Florin S.

      Nov.3rd: you are right nana…only prayer can break through the corruption, lies and distortions put out daily by the main stream media so let’s keep praying…

  • goral

    “And yet I had been duped.”

    This they know, that’s why they keep doing it.
    When Jesus said: Woe to you Scribes, He was talking about the

    lying media.
    I have a feeling that God hears the cry of the “poor

    conservatives” and that we’re going to win and win big.
    Keep praying just in case.

    I’m looking forward to your follow-up article Mrs. C. D.

    Suggestions for titles:
    Mascara, Mormons and morons,
    or Ryan, Romney and the Rosary.

  • I have my absentee ballot this afternoon and I’m looking forward to proudly marking the “Romney-Ryan” oval.

    But I’m not wearing any mascara.

  • Carol Lokare

    How ’bout that Ryan budget plan, heh? You know the one I’m talking about. The one that was found to be so devoid of Chrsitian principles and charity that the American bishops labeled it dangerous and mean-spirited and lacking in anything even resembling Catholic doctrine. You know that doctrine…feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, clothe the naked. So you go ahead and bolster Paul Ryan up. Before you know it, it won’t be that $7 tube of mascara you’ll be worrying about; it’ll be “rice or beans tonight?”

    • MikeKC

      Carole, if you vote for Obama you will be eating rice and beans every night. We will be in the dire straits that Greece is in. There is no free lunch anymore. Figure it out.

      • Carol Lokare

        MikeKC, again, how ’bout that Paul Ryan budget plan? And did you get a kick out of his visit to that soup kitchen where he washed the already-clean pots and pans? Gotta admit, sometimes those photo-ops give us much-needed comic relief!

        • The commands to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless are binding on individual Christians, but just maybe we shouldn’t expect governments to be involved in too much wealth redistribution. Private charities, churches, and individuals can do much better than government can at helping the poor. Carol, what have YOU done to help the poor?

          I happen to like Paul Ryan, though as a social security recipient I stand to lose if the program is ever cut for current beneficiaries. I support Republican candidates, though, because I believe that national prosperity is the best way to help poor people, including me. Obama has led us into a dark hole. Maybe the Romney-Ryan plan is our first step out into the sunshine – and that’s something that’s good for everyone.

          • Carol Lokare

            PrairieHawk, don’t forget that sunscreen. I imagine that sunshine will be a real scorcher.

          • Sorry, Carol, breezy sarcasm might work on some sites but not here. Either put forth substantive arguments to bolster your positions or “take a long walk off a short dock,” as my Grandfather used to say.

          • Carol Lokare

            PrairieHawk, or as my Grandmother used to say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

          • If you really want to debate, start by telling me something specific that Ryan’s plan advocates that you don’t agree with. Otherwise I’m taking my cat’s-eyes and shooters and going home, ’cause we’re never going to get anywhere.

          • Carol Lokare

            PrairieHawk, or as my Grandmother used to say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  • goral

    There’s an eR.R.* train pulling into the station, Cat Stevens sang about it.
    The other train is the sO.B.* choo choo with a wind driven locomotive.
    It appears to have gotten a little tail wind from Sandy so it actually will pull in.

    In case you were thinking about boarding the sO.B. here’s the run-down of the six cars.

    1st car – Obama’s cabinet. Bill Clinton, jihadists and terrorists can also board. Foreign policy is spoken here. Four brave Americans are on the floor in the back but you’ll never get to them. This is the “situation room on the road”. Jay Carney and Eric Holder are manning the doors. Force your way through and you’ll join the four on the floor.

    2nd car – Media, press card only, no room whatsoever. They’re sitting on each others laps two and three high. The only description is – incestuous.

    Andrea Mitchel checking passes. Juan Williams was suppose to be at the back door but he messed up so Chris Mathews has it.

    3rd car – Social elites and gold card contributors only, movie stars, union operatives, university profs. and wall street big money players. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates will be checking your ticket. They are charitable but only to the extent that the IRS allows. This is the heart of the train.

    4th car – Dining car. This one is straight and simple -. No food stamps, no meal!

    5th car – Second rate jihadists, feminazis, vegetarians, new-agers of all sorts, abortionists and some cat lovers. If you got on the Bill Donahue or Oprah show, you’re in. Your best chance to get in with the dem. mainstream is this car.
    Hold hands with someone of your own sex, piercings, tattoos, profanities –
    No discrimination whatsoever. Those two, male and female, welcome you at the doors.

    6th car – Economy car. Rough ride, as you would expect from the end of the train. The prez. doesn’t look back. He’s only concerned with “Forward”. Last car, last concern. The tracks are littered with casualties from this car.

    There’s your train fellow citizen. Next stop is Mayor Bloomberg’s city, if it gets out of the station at all.

    On the right track is the eR.R. train. It has seven wagons. One of them is the Clint Eastwood car in case someone from the sO.B. train wants to do damage.

    If you’re sincere, however, Clint will let you board, and he does have an empty seat for you.

    * e stands for economy or employment

    * s stands for socialism or sinking