Poem: “Why Reach for What Does Not Exist?”


Why Reach for What Does Not Exist?

Why should I lament my son
Who lived in flesh by death undone?
No one would grieve for wind and dust
That in the body placed its trust
Nor for phantasm memory
A fond and dim sterility
That spills away like morning mist
I rolled inside the foolish fist
But for a face behind a wall
So impassive, strong and tall
That no one climbs to look across,
Where love can live and yet be lost;
That they do live beyond that fence
No one can prove and yet can sense,
And this is what we grieve for most,
Invisible, but not a ghost
As if they had been sent away
Elsewhere, somewhere beyond decay,
A place, unreachable behind
The parapet of flesh and mind;
I do lament and miss and grieve
And pray for meeting, not reprieve
And would not yearn for morning mist
Nor reach for what does not exist

May 28, 2011


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