Poem: “A Pearl in God’s Eyes”


A Pearl in God’s Eyes

My Purity and Chastity is a pearl in God’s eyes,
Given me by my father and mother,
It is a wonderful prize.
I think and pray and wonder
Of this beauty which is mine.

A feeble step, a feeble fall,
The little baby dropped his treasure.
He is crying, and he calls
For Mama Mary. He remembers
The gift that she has given him.
Baby’s lost it through his sin!

Mama picks up what’s fallen
Gives it to the babe, not crawling.
Lifts him up upon her lap,
Lets him rest; he starts to nap.
Baby on her shoulder rests
Mama makes me good and holy.

Mama’s Mama, that’s to be,
No one would take her from me.
Mama holds me, in my ear,
She tells me things I love to hear.
Things a mama says to children,
Things abounding in much wisdom,
Things of how she loves me thus,
Now, my baby, you must hush.
The time for me to talk is now,
Receive, receive, my milk and my word.

When Mama’s sure I’m quite asleep
She tells her Son of all my life,
Of all its joys and all its strife.
Jesus looks at Mama
and the infant there, content,
This is Mama’s love for me
She’d rather die than let me be!

The look she gives her Son is daring,
All protective, and full of caring,
Challenging the Judge to send
Another look like that to rend
My soul to pieces into hell
I would be there more than a spell.
Mama wants to go as well.

Jesus’ head is in his hands
His mercy’s greater than the sands
It tears his being into halves
No one stands and no one lasts
But Jesus and the King of All
Jesus decides, Jesus calls:

“I free him from all of his sin.
One who leans on you is kin
To me and you, and so I bless
With all my heart’s blood
Not one drop less.”

Marcelo Ortiz


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