Poem: “Adoration”



A mass of people on a plain
All those who live and ever lived
Face the everlasting

A plain of such immense extent
That souls from the beginning to the end
Will not fill it all

Around them and behind them
Refulgence of the everlasting
Fills eternity

We who faced the light-creating sun
The host of God
The monstrance in the sanctuary

Were bathed by light
Our faces shining by reflection
As we stood contemplation

Light streamed
From the sun-like source of love
In joy everlasting

All our faces shone with love’s reflected light
Behind us stretched
The oval shadows of existence

Within the shadows
Moved the phantoms of the darkness
The unforgiven ones

When we souls who faced the light
We moved more deeply toward the light

Our shadows fell behind us
And were lost
In the flowing of forgiveness

And then I heard the whispers
Of the ones who waited
Moving in the shadows

Those who offered their forgiveness
The light that welcomed them

They moved forward
Toward the One
Who loves all living things

The Trinity to us is light
The light is Christ
And Christ is our eternity

April 9, 2011


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