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Beautiful Irish Catholic actress and mother Roma Downey has produced a new series of DVDs for children called Little Angels. I recently interviewed Roma about the new series, her favorite charity and her devotion to the Blessed Mother.

To celebrate the release of Little Angels, Grace Hill Media, a company that promotes quality entertainment for faith-based audiences, has graciously provided five DVDs to be given away to Catholic Lane readers. Details are provided at the end of my review.

Although my children are too old for Little Angels, I certainly wish the series had been available when they were younger. (For the record, my children sat down and watched for a few minutes while I previewed the DVD, and they were drawn in by the music and colorful animation.) Other than Veggie Tales, there few DVD series available for children that are captivating and entertaining while teaching about Scripture and virtue.

Little Angels is not a preachy series, but is fun and educational.  Not only are children taught virtues such as perseverance, they are also introduced to several Bible stories and practical skills such as A-B-C’s and counting. The themes are cleverly woven together as four year-old twins Alex and Zoe are visited by eight angels who watch over them and teach them.

Today’s tech-savvy toddlers will appreciate Dina, an angel who carries an ipad to interact with the children. Parents will no doubt be begged by their children to download the Little Angels apps for  iphones and ipads (available soon). Features of the apps will include daily prayers, matching and coloring games and even a cooking app.

The quality of the series is excellent, and the animation is a refreshing change from those ugly stick-drawn cartoon characters that seem to be so popular now. The music is infectious and your toddlers will soon be singing along, learning as they go. (Interestingly, Roma’s daughter and son contributed to the Little Angels score.)

I highly recommend the Little Angels DVDs and accompanying CDs. You can view a sample of the series and meet the characters at

*Catholic Lane readers have an opportunity to win one of 5 free copies of the Little Angels DVDs. Simply leave a comment on this article, and you will be entered in the contest. Remember, you must first log in or register as a new user in order to leave a comment. Deadline for entering is Saturday, November 12th at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be notified through their registered email addresses, and the names be posted in the comment section below on Monday, November 14th.Be sure to check back in case the email didn’t get through your spam filter. If winners do not respond with a mailing address by November 20th, then a new winner will be selected.


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  • Kay Anne Kelly

    PICK ME!!! I have younger ones who would LOVE this DVD – I won’t attempt to bribe you this time – I have mended my ways (even though I am right this minute making Mortal Sin Brownies for the parish mission tonight). And I loved Touched By an Angel (cried my eyes out w/ the one w/ Winona and her son who had cystic fibrosis – favorite one – called the 151st Psalm – see I know my Roma D stuff – I am biblical – I would use this DVD to better the world). Gotta go get the brownies out of the oven…

  • Tarheel

    I read this interview about this series that was posted here on Catholic Lane. I remember watching and enjoying the :touched by an Angel” series. It was a favorite of my wife and I.

    And now to read and hear that Roma Downey has made DVD to teach kids about faith is simply remarkable. It is good to see someone in the acting business do something that is positive and concrete.

    Go Roma! Thanks Catholic Lane for the article.

    I was lucky enough to get a Lion King DVD last time. Thanks for that. I have watched it twice now. I don’t have small kids at home so this program would be best used by a family with small children at home. I teach CCD but they are 8th grade students.

  • mena827

    Thank you for this contest! Hope I win!

  • Kay Anne Kelly

    Tarheel –
    If you win you can donate it to the parish RE program!!!

    • Tarheel

      That I will do. Those brave ladies that teach the small children deserve more respect and help!

      They are much braver than me.

  • nanhood

    I would LOVE to win a copy of this for my grandchildren…We have been blessed to help raise our 3 year old granddaughter and everyday is a blessing from Our Lord!
    The series, Touched by an Angel, was a favorite of mine!!
    Thank you for this wonderful site!

  • Wayne Topp

    Father of three, here! I would love to have something positive to show my little ones!

  • t

    I have 2 young ones that have way to much exposure to the “wrong” things…tv, radio, magazines, dvd, games etc. I would like to be picked to give them some good “food” for thought! I also have an idea on how to go for further distribution and acceptance after speaking with some owner/operators of a large franchise. It met with general acceptance and yet I was missing something like this to present. I would like to speak to someone about the idea. If you interested, please call me at 678 488 6384

  • maryarm5

    I know my two littles would enjoy these!

  • GuitarGramma

    I would love to win this for my grandson. His family does not watch broadcast TV, just wholesome videos.

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • Congratulations to the following winners of the Little Angels DVDS:
    Kay Anne Kelly
    Wayne Topp
    I have sent all winners an email asking for a mailing address. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder or simply send your mailing address to me at Per contest instructions, you must respond with a mailing address by Nov 20th, or a new winner will be chosen. Thanks so much for participating in the contest!

  • Kay Anne Kelly

    Peggy –
    I replied to your 1st email ASAP – no idea what happened to it – I replied to your follow up and wanted to be sure you received it:)

    • Strange… I got notification of your comment through Catholic Lane but haven’t received any emails from you. I checked spam too, with no luck. Try emailing your mailing address to Maybe that will work!