Poem: “Angels at Play”


Angels at Play

I see beauty in a vicious storm
An enraged green sea suspended above
Opposing winds churn and whirl the nimbus
A strange fierce loveliness to behold

After the storm, something uncommon
Green gives way to a gold that glows
On trees and fences and yards and homes
Heaven’s light breaks through for tired old souls.

Just beyond the sharp black trees
Gold gives way to bright burnished bronze
Like neon orange, I’ve never before seen
As bright in the sky as fire at night.

In the horizon, mountainous clouds
Peach colored and lined with metallic bronze
Ignite in flame at the touch of the sun
Flames doused in minutes as night is pulled on.

Michele Marie


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  • claireamr

    I remember a storm with this vividness – beautiful…

  • It reminds me of watching the sunset from an island in Greece.

  • PrairieHawk, I only wish I’d seen it from Greece. I recorded the beauty of this storm from my home windows. I imagine it would be even more Glorious from a hillside in Greece- where you might be able to see more sky. Thanks for the comment.

  • I was very, very fortunate to be able to travel to Greece. I had a job that paid enough money and gave enough vacation time. The truth is, the best moments in our lives come from God. If we think we’re doing it ourselves, we need to look again.

    • I was very fortunate to live in Germany for 18 months. It so happened that the studio basement walkout apartment I rented was set on a hillside, that ‘happened’ to face the setting sun. Many an evening I would sit entranced, watching the beauty of the skies, as they changed from great expanses of white clouds, to peaches, fire reds, etc, like great works of arts. I now realize the gift of it all since ever since then my homes seem to face either north and south, (no scenic views) or have homes, trees, or buildings that block my view. I agree with you, that wonderful view I had on that hillside was a gift!