Poem: “From Dust To Stars”


From Dust To Stars

God said to Abraham, “Look and see
The dust upon the earth,
For so shall your descendants be
In you shall nations have their birth.”

But later God said, “Look now and see
The stars up in the sky
For no more as dust shall your descendants be
But as the stars on high.

Stars that for a time
Walk upon the earth
And in the darkness shine
To show man his own worth.

And illumine the wondrous mystery
Of what men really are
Made in the very image of He
Who makes the shining star.”

Jake Frost


About Author

Jake Frost is the author of Catholic Dad, (Mostly) Funny Stories of Faith, Family and Fatherhood to Encourage and Inspire, a $0.99 e-book on Amazon. He is a lawyer in hiatus, having temporarily traded diapers for depositions and kitchens for court rooms to care for his pre-school aged children. He comes from a large family in a small town of the Midwest, and lives near the Mississippi River with his wife and kids.