Poem: “I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum”


I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum

(Note: As a Catholic Christian, I have just recently celebrated the Triduum marking the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. As a student of Celtic literature, I have always been drawn to the style of the ancient Druidic bards, on which this poem is based.)

I Am –
The Maker of all Magic
The Wisdom of the Salmon
The Crispness of the Apple
The Strength of every Tree

The Dancer in the Whirl-Wind
The Scatterer of Star-Light
The Growth of every Creature
The Motion of the Sea

I Am –
The Green Knight of the Forest
The Warrior of the Rainbow
The Mist upon the Mountains
The Heart-Beat of the Rain

The Flow of Crystal Waters
The Breath of Purple Fire
The Ripening of Corn-Stalks
The Firmament of Wine

I Am –
The Nourishment of Cow’s Milk
The Sweetness of Bee’s Honey
The Fairness of the Flowers
The Finger of the Dawn

The Thought before the Speaking
The Word before the Writing
The Lullaby of Mothers
The War-Cry of their Sons

I Am –
The Pounding of the Drum-Beat
The Pulsing of the Blood-Lines
The Dove of Life’s Beginning
The Raven Flight of Death

The Grace within the Moon-Beams
The Pureness of the Snow-Fall
The Guide along the Journey
And every Journey’s End

Yet Now, I Am –
The Tree’s Fruit Bruised and Hanging
The Leaf that Falls in Autumn
The Snow that melts at Noon-day
The Grapes pressed into Wine

The Sea-Waves torn by Drift-wood
The Heart-Beat stopped by Spear-Point
The Bread that Man has Broken
The Wheat-Germ doomed to Die

I Am –
The Tearing of the Curtain
The Shielding of the Sun-Light
The Weeping of the Heavens
The Smoldering Candle Wick

The Light that Darkness Smothers
The Food reserved for Ravens
The Breath of Life Suspended
The Timeless One Transfixed

I Am –
The Passion of a Lover
The Paradox of Nature
The Frozen Corpse of Winter
The Living Source of Spring

The Wielder of All Magic
The Order of the Ages
The Answer to the Riddle
The Elemental King

Avellina Balestri


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