Poem: “I Saw a Baby”


I Saw a Baby

I saw a baby at the stream,
Perhaps or maybe not a dream,
Who played with water, thrust his hand
Into the pool, the golden sand

And then scooped up a golden fish,
This is my life, he said, to bless
Or throw again into the pool,
To swim from what is fearful, cruel

For as you killed and did away
With me, my little life betrayed
So I will find another place,
My life was this that was your grace

And now in tranquil reaches of
The pool of heaven, heaven’s love,
There my life forever swims
With scales of gold and golden fins

But if you should reach down and take
My life to you and not forsake
Me ever after I shall be
A child again for you to see

November 11, 2011


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