Poem: “If Not to Hell”


If Not to Hell

Suppose that God had let them stay
In Paradise for one more day,
No sword of fire at the wall
For their betrayal and downfall

To see one day and then the next
Development of intellect,
Plow and harrow and the seed,
The pulling out of Eden’s weeds

The felling of the tree of life
A house for Adam and his wife,
Lumber made of good and evil
To build a barn and feed the devil

Smoke and coal and slag of lead,
Euphrates tunneled from its bed
That on the newly crumbled fields
They plant their factories of steel

Armies mustered then deployed,
The New Jerusalem destroyed
And more Jerusalems to come
By clashings of plutonium

Did the Lord God not foresee
What trouble there would never be
In Paradise if he expelled
Them to the world if not to hell?

March 26, 2011


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