Poem: “Mary’s Fiat”


Mary’s Fiat

The angel held his voice,
Awaiting the child’s choice.
Hoping to return with a good report.
As other cherubim,
In haste to hear her hymn,
Descended fast from heavenly court.
But could that child ever fair,
Have know the gravity of this affair?

Now Eve sat in suspense,
To hear her eloquence.
For, though banished from paradise,
She never gave up hope
In God and his saving scope,
To complete his loving enterprise.
Yet was that little girl on earth,
Aware of her punctuation’s worth?

The Son prepared to depart
And so His mission start,
As he looked on from His ethereal view.
Now, just one simple verse,
Could save the universe
And bear God to us in sinful residue.
But could the Virgin in that hour
Have known she possessed such a power?

The tick of time froze
In wait of Mary’s prose
For time never heard such a melody.
But God knew all along
The words to Mary’s song
And wished it to be echoed eternally.
“Behold the handmaid of the Lord,
Be it done to me whatever Thy word!”

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC


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