Poem: “Proud Plum”



In orchard of
Peach and cherry
Apple, pear and plum

Children ran and
Played so merry
Picking fruit from some

Apple, peach
Cherry, pear
Bade the children come

But one tree
Kept limbs up high
She was the purpled plum

Between her branches
Green with leaves
She was morose and glum

From childrens’ hands
She higher heaves
Her boughs and she stays mum

For she has smooth-skinned
Juicy fruit
Royal purpled that was from

The way she rooted
In her dirt
Proud plum in orchard slum

Then end of autumn
Peach and cherry
Apple, pears they hum

Their burdened branches
Light and airy
For sacrificed their sum

But oh the royal
Purpled plum
She croons sad runes and tunes

Her held-high limbs
Baked in the sun
Dried rot with shriveled prunes.

Hilary McRee Flanery


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