Poem: “Shifting Sands”


Shifting Sands

I have seen the trees grow tall
And wondered how they got so big.
I have watched them blush in fall
Then strip to bony branch and twig.

I have counted every wave
That crept across the open sea.
I have seen them swell so brave
Then clap the shore of eternity.

I have sought to stop the clock
From turning endlessly round and round.
I have tried and tried to unlock
The mystery of unspoken sound.

I have watched the withering years
Wane away like wild grass.
I have shed my share of tears,
And laughed as much at things now past.

I have wanted to leave a trace
Upon the shifting sands of time.
But now I find, while leaving this place
That the only treasure was our Lord divine.

Fr. Thomas Flynn, LC


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