Poem: “The Song of the Wolf”


The Song of the Wolf

The old wolf saw the shining star
That twinkled in the sky,
He followed in it’s silver trail
That led him by and by.

To a poor and rustic stable
Beyond the town’s far rim,
Where something stirred
His proud wild heart
And seemed to beckon him.

But when he came up near the crib
Where sweet Lord Jesus lay,
The shepherds turned on him in fear
And chased him far away.

Out on the hill beyond the town
Alone and filled with grief,
He wailed a loud and mournful song
To find his soul’s relief.

The dear Lord Jesus heard the song
For not once did He cry,
He drifted off in sleep to hear
The wild wolf’s lullaby.

The old wolf knew deep in his heart
The child was heaven’s King,
And to this day throughout the world
You still can hear him sing !

Kate Watkins Furman


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