Poem: “On Christmas Eve”


On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, I heard from an old neighbor
He called to thank me for a Christmas card I’d sent
(How touched I was by his gratefulness)

This Godfather to my child
At 87 years old, talked about how his wife,
In the nursing home, still had her wonderful smile

We shared old times as neighbors,
He said he was fine, wonderful even,
And that he still went to church every day

He remembered all my children
Asked how each was doing,
Where they were off to

He told me he drove once a week
To have dinner with his daughter
And her family at their home nearby

I told him how lucky they were
To have him
To see him so well

He said he had to hang up
That he visited his wife everyday
It was time to see her

We said our goodbyes
I hung up and thought
I want to be like him.

Michele Marie


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