Poem”Maybe No Dyin’ Today”


Maybe No Dyin’ Today

Don’t feel much like walkin’ today.
Don’t want to do that hill.
Dad, let this pass now and
Maybe tomorrow I will.

Walkin’s gotta be over now,
But look on up this hill.
Don’t want no more pain today.
Maybe tomorrow I will.

This really hurts like hell,
Each step up this hill.
Don’t want no more hurtin’ today.
Maybe tomorrow I will

So much bleedin’ up here.
I may be leavin’ this hill.
Don’t want no dyin’ today.
Maybe tomorrow I will.

What a fool,
I’ll run down this hill.
I’m God you know,
I can, if I will.

OK, folks,
I’ll stay on this hill.
This is for each of you, all of you.
I choose, I love, I will.

Copyright © Guy McClung 2014


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  • Alamo al

    Beautiful. Puts the Passion of Christ in today’s vocabulary

  • cfray

    Good transition in dialogue from a slacker like one of us to suffering King of the World imbued with endless love.

  • gbgtb

    Lyrical. A song with guitar.

    • Guy McClung

      Dear gbgtb-Thank you for the idea-someone else told me it sounds like a song. Now If I just knew some award-winning gospel singers . . .God bless you and keep you. Guy

  • Paul Rubiola

    A gutsy raw expression that helps us relate to the reality of that good Good Friday.