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anglel_playing_trumpet angel music trumpet hornWhen you care a lot about your vocation as parent, you think carefully about many of the choices you make: how to discipline, how to educate, how to feed them, keep them healthy, celebrate holidays, lead them in faith….

Big choices and little choices but most of them deliberate, though not always perfect. The problem is that we can spend as much time in our own heads debating our choices as we do in actual parenting. Don’t get me wrong. Discernment and good parenting does take time and thought, but over-thinking and second-guessing is a waste of our time and energy.

Right now, John and I are struggling with limiting the children’s activities for family balance. It is a true struggle when the children are benefiting and exploring activities we value. We each try to offer different solutions, but aren’t happy with any of them. There is a way to know the answer. I have seven heavenly spirits whose mission it is to get my family to Heaven. They know God’s will for each of us and they love us and they want to help me raise these children.

As I turn to my children’s Guardian Angels, and mine, I invite you to do the same. Take your parenting challenge and turn to a helper sent by God, Himself, who can get you through this. The wisdom and power God has granted them are sufficient to help us.

Many holy saints conversed with their Guardian Angels. Even if we don’t have the spiritual gifts to physically see and hear our angels, we can start a conversation and trust in the guidance we are given.


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  • Allison Grace

    Thank you so much for writing this; I don’t think much about guardian angels. I need to!