The Lord Saves Us By His Love


pope-francis-wave“The Lord saves us by His love: not with a letter, nor with a decree, but with his love,” a love so great that it led him to send his Son, who, “became one of us, walked with us,” and this, he said, “saves us.” The Holy Father went on to explain that “salvation” means, “the recovery of that dignity, which we have lost,” the dignity of being children of God.

This is a dignity that grows, said Pope Francis, “until our final encounter with Him,” adding, “this is the way of salvation, and this is beautiful,” he continued, “for [it is a way]that only love can [forge].” The Holy Father went on to say, “We are worthy, we are men and women of hope: this is what it means to be saved by love.” The problem, he explained, is that sometimes we want to save ourselves, “and we believe we can do it,” for example basing our security on money – and we think: “I have money, I am secure, [I have it] all, there are no worries, I have dignity: the dignity of a rich person.” “This,” said Pope Francis, “is not enough,” adding, “Think of the parable of the Gospel, of the man who had the full granary, who said, ‘I’ll make another to get more, and then I’ll sleep soundly,’ and the Lord says, ‘You fool! This evening you will die ‘. That salvation is wrong, it is a temporary salvation, it is also apparent salvation.”

The Holy Father went on to say that, at other times, “We think we save ourselves with vanity, with pride,” that, “We believe ourselves powerful …,” and that “We mask our poverty, our sins, with vanity, with pride … Even that ends,” he said, but, “true salvation is in the dignity that God gives back to us in the hope that Christ has given us at Easter. “Let’s make today an act of faith,” said Pope Francis, “[Let us say]: Lord, I believe. I believe in Your love. I believe that Your love has saved me. I believe that Your love has given me the dignity that I had not. I believe that Your love gives me hope.”


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