The Modern Day Outlaws


Talking with my sister-in-law, a maternity ward nurse, the other day about the new Health and Human Services mandate (HHS), I was curious about how things are going since she works at a Catholic hospital.  She told me her hospital is totally orthodox and performs no procedures that would hurt or prevent or end life at all.

There is a place across the street that some patients go to to have their tubes tied after delivering their decidedly last child, but no pills are given and no procedures are done in the hospital.  I was happy to hear that and also because she said that the doctors she works for would not want to be part of the other industry.  She knows fellow nurses that went over to the state hospital looking for more money and opportunities and came back saying that “they couldn’t do what was required of them there.”  There, they do all procedures, no questions asked.  They told her that women (her words “rich bitches”) would come in there for abortions because the baby was the wrong sex!

I can’t get that out of my mind….  Of all the reasons to murder someone!  It takes me back to the stories of the wild west where hot-shot bandits and outlaws would come into a town shooting up people, places, and things just to get attention and lay down their law. Sometimes an outlaw would kill a man just to watch him die, for no other reason than vain recreation, because he could and did get away with it.
For a time, that is.  I have always heard — and it’s a theory for which there is much evidence  — that if you live by violence, you’ll die by violence.  Just another nugget of proof of the Divine Creator.
So now we have women (and men) who come into town with unwanted people in their lives and they “shoot them down” for no other good reason than vain inconvenience, because they can and do get away with it.Is there a difference in these scenarios?  Well, one is in the law books as illegal with a list of conditions and levels of punishment; the other is perfectly legal without much regulation.  In both cases we have a person who acts without moral restraint, with a sense of power and control over the human condition…

…for a time.


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