The Nuns and the Priests

Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone

A lot of attention was given recently to the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the way that the Obama Administration wants to force them to cooperate in its plan to expand access to contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization. They are rightly saying “No,” and, like us at Priests for Life, have said it through a federal lawsuit.

Like the case of Priests for Life, their lawsuit initially resulted in a judgment against them, with the court saying that the mandate did not in fact pose a “substantial burden” to their religious freedom.

And like us, the Sisters went to the appellate court for an emergency injunction against the mandate, which otherwise would have been enforced against them starting on January 1.

This past New Year’s Eve, the Little Sisters of the Poor and Priests for Life had very similar experiences. December 31 came with no immediate protection from the mandate, and the prospect of having it go into effect the next day. December 31 also came with both groups having a request for an emergency injunction in the hands of two different federal courts.

And the hours ticked by while we waited.

As morning turned into afternoon, our attorney reminded us that in case the injunction were denied, one of the things we could do was to send an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court, and it would be assigned to one of the Justices to either grant the injunction or not.

As things turned out, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit granted the request of Priests for Life for emergency injunction, just before 5pm. (Phone calls to the court just before that said they were closed for the holiday, but we reached someone who told us that everyone had left except the judges that were working on our case, along with their clerks!)

For the Little Sisters of the Poor, the request for emergency injunction was denied – and hence, they had to take that second emergency step that we would have also had to take: to go to the Supreme Court  for the emergency injunction. And before the day was over, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted the temporary, emergency injunction for the Sisters. (In an odd twist of appropriateness, a few hours later, we saw her on TV right here in NY City pressing the button to lower the famous New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square.)

I relate all this to paint a simple picture: two Catholic groups, one run by religious sisters and one by priests, having to demand, through emergency measures, that they not be forced to violate their consciences. The group of sisters serves the poor; the group of priests serves the poorest of the poor, the unborn. And both simply want to do their work while worshiping God in the way they see fit.

Both of us got what we needed, at least for the moment. But the fact that we had to fight for it – and still have to fight in the months to come – is a sign of the fact that all of us always have to fight for freedom. It can never be taken for granted.

Jan 27 Press Release with further update


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  • goral

    Why should we keep fighting for what we own? How can we win fights like that? That’s like fighting for a parking spot in your own driveway. The laws are bought and paid for with the blood of our soldiers. The gov’t tells us that the reason they continue to come home in bodybags is to preserve our freedom.
    The people who tell us this are paid with our money, they beg for our votes so that we can continue to give them money and bodies to sacrifice.
    What do we get in return? Legal maneuvers, busy work, scrambling and legal emergencies on supposedly settled matters. We better reevaluate this compact that we have with the ruling class. We can never win with the way things are presently.

    • joan smith

      you sound like you moved from a communist country…

      • goral

        Hmmm….. I think I sound more like I moved into a communist country. Your instincts M. Joan Smith are quite keen.

    • Soliloquized

      You’re feelings are quite impassioned, and I read them all, but in truthfulness, I’m not sure if you are saying that you support the priests and nuns, or if you support the govt?

      The first paragraph supports individual liberty, the second seems to weigh against the legal maneuvers and legal emergencies that the priests and nuns are engaged in to maintain their religious beliefs.

      Could you edify me?


      • goral

        I didn’t realize that I left so much wiggle room, then again, one never knows how the message gets across. My feelings about the gov’t are akin to those spoken by the rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof – “God bless the czar and keep him far away from us.”
        Gov’t is better than anarchy, that’s about it.
        Why should the Church be doing legal maneuvers about matters and rights espoused in the Constitution?
        We are just spinning our wheels and sliding into a ditch.
        This is abuse of power, plain and simple. This is what tyranny does at the outset.

        • Soliloquized

          Thanks for the reply, I assumed that was what you meant. I agree with your reply to Joan Smith with one variation, I feel more like the communist country has moved to us. We may have one or two more chances at the voting booths to prevent a totalitarian regime, I hope Catholics, of which I am, make a concerted effort to elect moral, Constitutional politicians.

          One of obamas “friends”, terrorist bill ayers, debated Dinesh D’Souza at a college recently. Here is an eye opening article about it.


  • goral

    The next election will demonstrate whether Americans are moral and smart
    enough to open the parachute and give this experiment another chance.
    We already jumped off the high cliff and for now we’re enjoying the
    fall. Should hellish hillary solidify this regime’s agenda, the
    experiment ends in a splatter.
    Our bishops could have an important and perhaps a decisive influence. Let’s see if they even get involved.
    now, they’re behind immigration reform, an attractive idea proposed by
    those who are neither moral nor smart. So many times I think their red
    scull caps are more symbolically aligned with the red star than the
    blood of Jesus.
    Thankx for the link.