Through The Eyes of Mary


On Good Friday many of us will try and fail to comprehend the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the Cross.  How can we comprehend such suffering?  What in our lives can ever compare to the horrors of the Passion?  The Crucifixion was bad enough but there was also the Scourging and the Crowning with thorns.  With the hatred of the Roman soldiers for the Jews it is unlikely that there was any part of his body that was not in pain.

The physical pain was only part of his suffering.  There was the emotional pain of abandonment and betrayal.  He was deserted by almost all of his followers.  Worse though was the knowledge that all of his suffering was useless for so many.  Despite his sacrifice many will choose to reject him and instead choose Hell.  How can we ever comprehend such suffering?  How can we ever relate to such pain?

There is no way I can relate to the suffering of Jesus but by reflecting on Mary’s suffering I can gain insight into the Passion.  How many of us have not felt the pain of the loss of a loved one?  How many of us have endured the pain of watching a loved one die?  What more terrible experience is there than this?  How terrible is it to watch a loved one suffer especially a child, the flesh of your flesh! 

We cringe at the sight of our sons being tackled in football?  We rage if a child is seriously injured in a car accident or shooting.  Their pain and suffering is our pain.  We mourn as we watch our children suffer from catastrophic illnesses such as cancer.  It is unbearable to watch them suffer.

How painful it is to watch our loved ones suffer!  How painful it is to see them die!  Yet often our loved ones receive the benefits of modern medicine and pain killers.  Despite our modern advantages it is never easy to watch someone die.

Think what it was like for Mary.  Look at the Passion through the eyes of a mother.  See the results of the Scourging.  Imagine how you would feel if it was your child.  How painful was it to see your child hurt and bleeding?  How much worse would it be if your child was scourged? 

What would it be like to see your child ridiculed and cursed, prodded with spears and the target of whatever the crowd could find to throw?  What would it feel like to watch your child stumble and fall beneath the Cross, to see Him crash to the ground?  What would it be like to see nails driven into your child’s hands and feet, to watch him bleed for three hours?  How painful would it be to watch your child die? 

Imagine seeing your child go through all of this.  See the Crucifixion through the eyes of Mary and maybe this Good Friday will be like no other.


About Author

I spent 43 years as a student and teacher in catholic schools. I also spent several summers as a volunteer in the camps of the Christian Appalachian Project. I am currently a parishioner at Our Lady Star of the Sea in North Myrtle Beach, SC.