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  • noelfitz

    I read here:
    “I myself have described Obama as a National Socialist (NAZI)”

    Is it the general conclusion of participants that Mr Obama is a Nazi?

    I would like to hear from others whether they think he is a Nazi or not.

  • goral

    Barak the brownshirt, yeah! That’s a vividly accurate discription.

  • noelfitz


    many thanks.

    Not all Nazis were Brownshirts (SA members, Stormtroopers).

  • Mary Kochan

    Of course, we are talking about economic policy herein.

    My imperfect understanding is that socialism entails the government owning all the means of production, while national socialism entails, not government ownership, but government control. That seems like the aim of Obams from what I see.

  • noelfitz


    many thanks for your clarification.

    National Socialism (Nazism) was not simply an economic policy which advocated government control of the means of production.

    It advocated racial (Aryan) purity and the elimination of inferior people (untermenschen) such as Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, etc.

    To consider Obama a Nazi in CL is to insult the intelligence of participants here and the memory of the millions who died in the Nazi extermination camps.

    Anyone who visited Yad Vashem in Israel (http://www.yadvashem.org/) would not lightly call Obama a Nazi.

  • goral

    We have Nazis and Communists and anarchists and atheists living in this country presently and they are not exterminating anybody.
    As long as the voters keep them out of power they can do little harm.

    You feel insulted, Noelfitz, because you find yourself in agreement with a guy who could quite easily, generically, fit any of the labels.
    The fact of the matter is that he associated with radicals such as Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright and a slew of other Chicago thugs and agitators for the purpose of imposing his own anti-American stance. The OWS mobs are an extension of this guys policies and rhetoric.
    He has not done one good thing for this country.
    Not one!

    I’m confident that the readership of CL knows the difference between Hitler and Holder. The link to extermination camps is a cheap democrat trick to get the focus off the train wreck that is this regime.

    Perhaps you would feel more comfortable with – Barak the bolshevik.

  • noelfitz


    many thanks for continuing this discussion.

    I think CL is a brilliant resource for the Church, and I would like in my contributions to be positive and optimistic.

    My disagreements often focus on politics and economics. In these areas I believe Catholics can differ. In democracies different views, held with conviction, honestly and respect, are acceptable.

  • goral

    Roger that! I have more choice labels for our illustrious leader but it’s better to close with a blessing. God bless all CL contributors.

  • noelfitz

    God bless all CL contributors.

  • goral

    Sorry Noelfitz, I just wiped your posting clean sweep.