What’s Wrong with This Picture?


A very conscientious Catholic, Harold Baumeister, saw this cartoon in his hometown paper and had the conviction and gumption to do something about it! He wrote to the editor (letter follows) to let him know that he was deeply offended by this crass cartoon and that the pope and all Catholics will fight to defend our freedoms. Furthermore, Speaker Boehner is not the head of the Catholic faith!

But there is more to this vile cartoon than the things Harold pointed out. Look closer. Not only does the priest-figure make a comment about Catholics needing Boehner to defend the Church, but the sitting priest-figure replies, “Next they’ll order us to treat men and women as equals.”

Now this is a low blow! It implies that because the Church doesn’t accept contraception and abortion, it treats women as less than men. The reality is just the opposite. Because the Church teaches that a woman is to be loved for her whole self, which includes her fertility, she is much less likely to be objectified. It is the wide spread acceptance of contraception and abortion that has caused women to be less than men, for when a woman is objectified, she is becomes no more than a plaything. Unfortunately, in current society, women have become not only less then men but less than human.

The only thing this cartoonist unknowingly got right is that he talks about “…defending the Church against attacks from the White House.” And this is exactly what the White House has done. It has made an outright attack on out faith, on our Church.

So, thank you Harold for your courage and follow through.

To: Mr. J. Meyer, Editor

Dear Sir,

As a Christian, a Catholic and a Veteran, I was deeply offended by the Commentary-Political Cartoon published in the Hilliard Northwest.

News dated February 15, 2012. The cartoon makes a mockery of our plight to preserve our Christian constitutional religious freedoms.

It depicts our religious and our spiritual leader, the pope, as defenseless against the current U.S. Government Health Care Insurance mandates. The cartoon says we are depending on the current House Speaker to defend these precious freedoms.

I, for one, would like to make your readers aware that our current religious leaders and laity in the Catholic Church are very capable of defending our precious religious freedoms with or without the current House Speaker’s help. Let me also add for your readers’ information that these published mandates not only violate Catholic religious rights, but Christian and Jewish rights as well. As Glen Beck recently stated “We are all Catholic when it comes to defending our religious freedoms in this country.” Publications like this have awoken a sleeping giant. The media has always used Christians and Jews as punching bags just, as this cartoon has portrayed. Why is it that the media never publishes Muslim cartoons in their commentaries in the same context? Would something like that not be politically correct? The answer is simple. The media must be fair and balanced in their commentaries and offend no religion in the process.     

As a Veteran, I am heartbroken that our country seems to have forgotten that our Founding Fathers laid the foundation for our religious freedoms and many good men and women have fought and died to preserve them throughout our history. I ask you, have we forgotten them? How could we do such a thing?  We need to remember them and know they fought and died to preserve our freedoms. Don’t be fooled. “FREEDOM is not FREE.”      


Harold J. Baumeister           
Hilliard, Ohio



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  • Tarheel

    Well said.

  • wgsullivan

    Funny, the Catholic Church is lambasted for allegedly not giving women enough stature yet we are vilified because we make too much fuss over Mary.
    Mary, pray for us!

  • goral

    This cartoon is vile, yet is shows clearly where the media stands on this issue, which only is the same first amendment that also guarantees their right. They have just invited the enemy to launch cannon balls on to the same frigate that they are sailing.

    The Catholic Church in America decided to make a pact with the devil when they signed on with the democrats a couple of generations ago. That was then, now the political landscape is completely different, yet the same Bernardin-ans refuse to see that the devil the Church courted doesn’t “love” us anymore. Now we have to fight him in the Sacristy.

    Of course we can win, but no more pretending.
    Obummer really is the dark messiah and those who run Notre Dame and other institutions of their flavor really are apostate.

    • He who dines with the Devil must use a very long spoon indeed. The second shoe has dropped: the first was the carving of the Church by lawyers going after the pedophiles. This one is the denying of federal funds to the Church based on the contraceptive clause. Ultimately the Bishops are left to chose between dispensing contraceptives or losing the federal welfare money that runs so many Church programs.

      Notice that both punishments begin with a real sin. There were some pedophile priests and they brought untold grief on their own priest brothers and shame upon the name of Christ. Because of their failure to preach Humanae Vitae those are also responsible for the ignorance of the Catholic laity AND the consequent use of contraceptives by Catholic couples. Hence the punishment. We are now all impoverished morally and financially.

      This is the end of the heresy of Americanism and ALSO a reminder for the rest of the nation because “the cleaning starts from the house of God” and that means a chastisement is sure to follow for the entire nation.

      We failed to be chaste and obedient, now God in His mercy will help us start again by bringing us to poverty. Poverty is a great teacher, the cradle of saints, the strength of the Church, our nexus to Divine Providence.

      This blow of the Devil will be put to good use by God. God knows the value of a crisis too.

  • jrv3032

    I do not know what the intention of the cartoonist was, but I would guess that it has more to do with the fact that there are no women in the hierarchy of the Church than it has to do with contraception and abortion.

    As a lifelong Catholic, I am profoundly embarassed when photos of important liturgical celebrations are taken at St Peter’s or at the diocesan level. There might be upwards of 50 men on the altar — and not one woman. It’s a hard thing to explain to a non-Catholic. (It’s a hard thing to explain to young Catholic women, for that matter.) As one young Catholic woman bitterly said to me a few years ago regarding a diocesan liturgical celebration on Long Island: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I understand the tradition of a male-only priesthood, but, it’s not just liturgical celebrations. For example, the top nine administrators of Franciscan University as it appears on the University’s own website (http://www.franciscan.edu/About/FactBook/AdministrationAndBoard/) are all men.

    Such a “shutting-out” of women even in non-liturgical situations is an obvious problem to the non-Catholic world. It should be an obvious red flag to Catholics as well.

    • Mary Kochan

      Wow, you know what is really embarassing. It is that in every picture of pregnant people there are no men. Never, not one. The complete unfairness of God in arranging things so that men cannot experience the wonderful privilege of giving birth and feeding an infant at the breast is really, really hard to explain to unbelievers. I mean how in the world can we call God good when He is so unfair.

      • Sai

        So…you’re saying that only females can be pregnant because God made them capable of it that way?

        Therefore…only men are capable of understanding God enough to spread his love to little boys– err, the world– making them superior to women?

        God is a chauvinist. Good to know.

        • Mary Kochan

          If you want to post on this site, don’t even try to put words in my mouth.

          Yes, only females can become pregnant because that is the order of God’s creation.

          Your next statement is illogical and in no way follows. And your lame attempt at slander of the priesthood is juvenile.

          No one — least of all the Church — has made the claim that “only men are capable of understanding God enough” to do anything. Nor that they are “superior to women.”

          The priesthood is about spiritual fatherhood. That is why it is for men. It has nothing to do with “superiority” anymore than fathers are “superior” to mothers. Demonstrate by your next comment that you are not a sophomoric dolt or go away.

    • Sai

      I registered with this site to post much the same thing. Kudos for writing it so well.

  • Jann FritzHuspen


    The cartoon was clearly about contraception and the DHS mandate. The editor of the newspaper acknowledged this in his reply to Mr. Baumeister.

    FYI, I read a list of the Forbes top 20 CEOs under 40. Not a woman in the bunch.

    Such a “shutting-out”of women even in financial situations is an obvious problem in the financial world. It should be an obvious red flag to businesses as well.