As Heard in a Kindergarten Classroom


humorTalking to one of the 3rd graders one day, I asked him how his year was going. He said to me, “Oh, it’s going okay. I’ll be really glad when we’re done with fractions, though.” I shook my head understandingly, “Tough, huh?” Without missing a beat he said, “Well, not exactly, but they make my parents fight.”

A fellow teacher’s student mentioned something about his mom going to the salon to get her hair cut. Another student replied, “Oh wow! That’s funny. My mom actually goes to the salon to get hair put on.”

I’d told my students it was time to go back to our desks after carpet time, and I noticed one girl still on the carpet. She was lying down now, and raising and lowering her bottom to the ground. I whispered to her, “You’re not following directions. It’s time to go back to your desk.”

“Oh sorry,” she replied, “I was just doing a few exercises like my mama does to keep her butt trim!”

The four-year-old daughter of a parent asked me, “Are you going to be here to-next-day?”

One Monday, nearing the end of the year, my kids were noticeably getting exhausted and were ready for summer vacation. One of the boys told me, “I prayed really hard yesterday that tomorrow would be Saturday.”

This moment of laughter comes courtesy of Parenting is Funny.

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