Catholic Bishops Say ENDA Could ‘Punish’ Traditional Religious Views


USCCBA bill to forbid “discrimination” against homosexuals and transgender employees could “punish” those who hold to traditional views about sexuality and biology, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) warns.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would penalize employers accused of discriminating against gay, bisexual, or transgender employees. But the Catholic bishops and other Christian critics of the bill say its enforcement could go well beyond opening doors to hard-working and aggrieved workers.

“ENDA could be used to punish as discrimination what many religions – including the Catholic religion – teach, particularly moral teaching about same-sex sexual conduct,” the bishops wrote in a letter sent to all U.S. senators on October 31. The letter was signed by three bishops: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco; Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore; and Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, California.

The bishops expressed concern that ENDA makes no distinction between same-sex attraction and homosexual acts, which they said could lead to faithful business owners, and perhaps religious institutions, being sued, fined, or harassed by the federal government. While the Catholic Church urges Catholics to treat homosexuals with compassion, it also holds all sex outside marriage to be sinful.

The bill’s religious exemption is too narrow, the bishops say, adding that “recent experience also shows that even exempted employers may face government retaliation for relying on such exemptions.”

A provision related to “gender identity” could force female employees to share a restroom, locker room, or shower facility with a biological male who says he “identifies” as a female.

Speaking delicately, the bishops write that this clause “fails to account for the privacy interests of others, particularly in workplace contexts where they may reasonably expect only members of the same sex to be present.”

This law, they say, differs from laws based on immutable characteristics like one’s skin color.

ENDA legislation would give homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people greater civil rights than those discriminated against based on religion or national origin, the letter says, because the bill lacks a “bona fide occupational qualifications,” an exemption allowing an employer to refuse to hire a person of a certain background when job requirements demand it.

Aside from these defects, the bishops say the bill presents a warped view of human identity, sexuality, and will be used as further justification for judicial activists to redefine marriage.

“ENDA’s definition of ‘gender identity’ lends force of law to a tendency to view ‘gender’ as nothing more than a social construct or psychosocial reality, which a person may choose at variance from his or her biological sex,” they write – something that strikes at the heart of the Christian worldview of man.

A law dedicated to homosexual interests would mainstream sex outside marriage, the USCCB wrote. “Sexual acts outside of marriage serve neither these goods nor the good of the person and society as a whole,” they wrote.

ENDA, which has been consistently defeated since it was first introduced in 1994, passed a Senate vote yesterday to restrict debate and clear the way for its passage.

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  • neil allen

    Catholic bishops just sound like fools when they talk about sex.

    The Catholic church hid an organized crime syndicate of child rape for our entire lifetimes until they got caught in 2002. There is no more evil crime that you can get away with than raping a child using the power of god, because you can actually get away with it, over 100,000 times, as Catholics proved to the world.
    Now Catholics are trying to fight homosexuality with the help of 400,000 priest who have never had sex with a woman, so there is no proof that any of them are heterosexual, although there is ample proof that they have a larger percentage of child rapists than any institution in history. Be careful before you respond with lies, because I know your excuses, techniques and distortions.
    When Catholics call themselves “Christians”, it offends real Christians who know that Jesus would never have allowed organized child rape in His church, and Jesus would have found every single victim, and gotten them help, which Catholics never, ever did.

    • ELC

      This is rank bigotry of the vilest sort.

      • neil allen

        Bigotry against organized child rape, committed using the power of god, is ok, since organized child rape, committed using the power of god, is the vilest sin

        • Margaret Hester

          “When [Margaret Hester O’Malley] call [herself] “Christian”, it offends real Christians who know that Jesus would never have allowed organized child rape in His church, and Jesus would have found every single victim, and gotten them help, which [Margaret Hester O’Malley] never, ever did.”

          Pretty weird to be so bigoted against your own mother like that.

          • neil allen

            Pretty weird to mock someone’s dead mother, from a fake account using her name, in such a cowardly fashion, unless, of course, your leaders committed organized child rape, in such a cowardly fashion

          • Margaret Hester

            The only one mocking her is you, her own son, Patrick O’Malley (617-Patrick).

          • neil allen

            Stay cowardly, stay Catholic, hide in the shadows with your pedophile leaders, “Margaret Hester” with your fake name mocking my friend’s dead mother. Satan loves you, and God remembers.

          • Margaret Hester

            LOL – “hide in the shadows” – you mean like YOU do, PATRICK O’MALLEY AKA 617-PATRICK ? HAHAHAHAHA.

            Hey, help me out – what is called when you accuse others of what you do yourself?

            Oh yeah – hypocrisy.

            Rank, pathetic hypocrisy.

            And don’t forget Patrick – I DON’T mock your dead mother. YOU do. When you say all catholics are going to be raped for eternity in hell —- that is YOU saying your mother is is going to be raped for eternity in hell. I’m sorry that your pathological mental disease prevents you from realizing that.

    • Christopher Fish

      “ample proof that they have a larger percentage of child rapists than any institution in history” This statement is outright false. Check your facts. Find some real numbers. The number of priest accused of child molestation is no greater then the percentages that occur in the society at large. Public schools, etc. Regardless of how certain media types would like to portray it. The ‘cover up’ was not as intentional as you seem to think either. In many cases it was more a lack of proper over site then intentionally hiding wrongdoing.

      • neil allen

        Yep. ample proof. The Catholic church ADMITTED 4,392 substantiated, accused child sex offenders in the US in their own report. Find ANY other institution that is close. You can’t.

        And don’t use the standard Catholic dishonest techniques of “estimates”, “extrapolations”, “but Joey said”, but Janey said”, et cetera.

        Of course, the Catholic church had the only case of rampant organized crime, with priests confessing to other priests who forgave them (in brutal defiance of Jesus in Mat 18:6), bishops moving known child rapists, and a billion people who will stand by their child rapists and fight their victims. For their lord.

        Of course, they never did What Jesus literally said to do in Matt 18:10-14, which is to find every victim and get them the psychological help they needed after being raped by “Christ on earth”.

        • Credible Allegations Received by Dioceses and Eparchies in 2013

          The responding dioceses and eparchies reported that between January 1 and December 31, 2013, they received 370 new credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor by a diocesan or eparchial priest or dea- con. These allegations were made by 365 individuals against 290 priests or deacons. As Table 1 shows, this is a decrease from 2012 in the numbers of victims, allega tions, and offenders reported and the fewest allegations and victims reported since data collection for these annual reports began in 2004.

          allegations in 2010), eight allegations in 2009 (2 percent of all new allegations in 2009), ten allegations in 2008 (2 percent of all new allegations received in 2008), four alle- gations in 2007 (less than 1 percent of all new allegations received in 2007), fourteen allegations in 2006 (2 percent of all new allegations received in 2006), nine allegations in 2005 (1 percent of all new allegations received in 2005), and twenty-two allegations in 2004 (2 percent

          of new allegations received in 2004) involved children under the age of eighteen in each of those years.

          • neil allen

            So you rape less than you used to since you got caught running the country’s largest organized child rape crime syndicate? Is that what you are bragging about?

            Did you ever find every victim, as Jesus mandated in Matt 18:10-14.

            Don’t worry. You don’t have to. You aren’t the Church of Jesus Christ, and your dark lord wants you to distort the truth, lie, and get away with your organized child rape in front of the world.

          • Ma Hester

            Don’t bother with Patrick O’Malley, aka 617-Patrick, the real identity of “neil allen”. He’ll just say that all Catholics are burning in hell and all catholics are liars. He says these things about his own deceased mother even. Pretty sad. Almost as sad as being a “social media expert” that’s too inept to even troll anonymously.

    • The sexual crimes committed by clerics were the sexual crimes of clerical sodomites committed against adolescent males and which crimes accounted for over 85 % of the crimes.

      Of course the media supports the sodomisation of our culture and so it has labelled falsely (for polemical purposes) our crimes as pedophilia rather than the crimes of sodomites.

      • neil allen

        Standard Catholic lies.
        In the Catholic church’s own John Jay report, where they only admitted a fraction of their rampant, organized child rape in the US, 60% of the children that were raped by Catholic priests were 13 or under, qualifying as pedophilia. So you are just absolutely lying, but if your church rapes children and hides it, of course you are going to lie. That is what your lord wants.

        The other 40% that they raped were 14 or over, and this is what Catholics will brag about.

        Of course, it was all

        1) rape
        2) child rape
        3) organized and protected child rape, since every priest confessed every rape to another priest, who forgave him and let him go
        4) in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6, where He said child rape wasn’t forgivable

        And over 1,000 Catholic priests that the church admitted raped little girls.

        • Myth: Children have been the main victims of priestly sexual abuse.

          Fact: Since more than 95 percent of all the victims of priestly sexual abuse, as reported by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, are not prepubescent, that means that adolescents have been the primary victims.

          Myth: Pedophile priests have been the problem.

          Fact: Homosexual priests have been the problem. Proof: 81 percent of the victims have been male, and more than 95 percent have been postpubescent. When males have sex with postpubescent males, it is called homosexuality.

          Myth: The problem is on-going.

          Fact: The homosexual scandal took place mostly between the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s. In the last ten years, the average number of credible accusations made against 40,000 priests is in the single digits.

          Myth: The Church’s repressive teachings on sexuality are the problem.

          Fact: It was liberals outside the Church who pushed for the sexual revolution, and it was liberals in the Church who abetted the revolution in the seminaries. Moreover, it was liberals who promoted therapy as the way to deal with molesters, instead of using punitive measures.

          Myth: The Church has done nothing about the problem.

          Fact: Pope Benedict XVI made it more difficult for active homosexual priests to enter the priesthood, thus getting directly to the source of the problem. Also, steps have been taken in every diocese to ensure that anyone who works for the Church must participate in a training program aimed at curtailing the abuse of minors.

          • neil allen

            You are absolutely, positively lying.

            Where are these quotes from? Did you read the Catholic Church’s own, voluntary John Jay report, which states that the number is 60% pedophilia?

            Catholics love to spread lies to defend their child rape. Satan loves you.
            Also, it’s not “homosexuality”. It’s forced child rape, committed by thousands and thousands and thousands and thousand of Catholic priests, protected by other priests, hidden by bishops and popes, and defended by the congregation, through lies like yours. It is exactly what satan would do.

        • Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, [10] Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God

          You repeatedly rail against the Catholic Church Jesus established and you do so even after it has reformed itself and done public penance.

          You will be judged with the same measure you judge others.

          Repent, Neil, while you still have time.

          • Ma Hester

            His name isn’t Neil. It’s Patrick O’Malley, aka 617-Patrick,

          • neil allen

            You managed to avoid every fact. Avoiding the truth, just like your Catholic leaders.

      • Ma Hester

        I wouldn’t bother with Patrick O’Malley, aka 617-Patrick, the real identity of “neil allen”. He’ll just say that all Catholics are burning in hell and all catholics are liars. He says these things about his own deceased mother even. Pretty sad. Almost as sad as being a “social media expert” that’s too inept to even troll anonymously.

        • Dear Ma. Thanks. Attention is the oxygen that keeps trolls alive. I will ignore him

    • goral

      Entire lifetime? dude, you sound like you’re three years old.
      When one wrestles in the mud with a pig, one gets dirty
      and the pig really likes it.

      • neil allen

        Really clever saying (that you got from someone else), and you completely avoided the topic. Very Catholic.

  • Subvet

    ample proof that they have a larger percentage of child rapists than any institution in history…”
    Oh, please. FYI, a few years back the Federal Dept. of Education found that a child is more than fifty times likely to be sexually molested by a public school employee than any member of the clergy, Catholic or otherwise. Plus the CDC has determined that children run the greatest risk of sexual molestation from close relatives than strangers. Get your facts straight before you decide to blithely violate the 8th Commandment via libel, lies and calumny.

  • james

    It is interesting that the CC does not discriminate against those who only fornicate and / or cohabitate. Is this less heinous ? Would they treat those employees who infringe on the 6th commandment differently ? Just a rhetorical question.

    • ELC

      Liar. Not a rhetorical question at all.

    • Christopher Fish

      Of coarse it does. I know of several people who have been ‘let go’ from catholic schools for living together when they weren’t married. Catholic priest are required to be celibate and ANY breach of that is considered serious sin that needs to be addressed. Catholic hospitals and colleges can and should do a better job of ensuring their staff is not fornicating, but that is a cultural problem that needs addressing. If you are arguing that catholic should discriminate more often against people who fornicate , I think you will find strong agreement from many here, but the fact that the church doesn’t always stand up as strongly for what it should as it should doesn’t change what the church teaches.

  • goral

    Careful, neil and james, if you keep making those statements you will get to interview for Jay Carney’s position as chief propagandist for the regime.
    I you like your lies, you can keep them, but not here.

  • Jane Yavis

    Neil, I don’t know what your problem is, or why you want to represent your Christianity in such an angry way – If you describe yourself and a “real” christian,,this is why Christianity has lost its moral standing.

  • Christopher Fish

    Someone really needs to talk to the bishops about getting their own house in order first. How many people who ‘claim’ to be Catholics are fornicating? supporting Gay marriage? etc. How many hospitals and schools put up with that kind of behavior from their staff and students? How can you reasonably expect the society at large to take your ‘religious conviction’ seriously if you don’t carry it out universally and make it very clear you are not a catholic in good standing if you publicly support certain kinds of life style.

    • Fornication is not one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance. Sodomy is

      • Christopher Fish

        sodomy is a specially grievous case of fornication. They are both covered under the commandment , you shall not commit adultery. Also, both are encourage by the mortal sin of contraception, according to catholic teaching.