How To Magically Make Abortion “Safe”


What’s worse than being a statistic?

Not even being counted.

That’s what is likely to happen to a 42-year old woman who, The Age reports, died last week after a legal abortion at a Marie Stopes International clinic in Australia. Since Australia allows abortion, this will fall into the “safe abortion” category by some researchers and won’t be counted in the final tallies of abortion mortality statistics.

Abortion advocates want us to believe that legal abortions are safe abortions. Some even replace the word “legal” with “safe.” They fight against any legal restrictions on the deadly procedure, claiming that criminalization is what makes abortion unsafe.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has gotten into this act. WHO documents have defined “unsafe” abortions as “abortions in countries with restrictive abortion laws.”

As Dr. Donna Harrison found:

According to [a WHO]article, any induced abortion, even under the most medically pristine conditions, performed in a country where abortion is “illegal” is deemed “unsafe.” Similarly, any induced abortion performed in a country where abortion is legal, regard-less of the subsequent morbidity and mortality which follows, is considered “safe.”

(You can read more in How Faulty Definitions of “Abortion,” “Safe Abortion,” and “Unsafe Abortion” in Reproductive Health Indicators for Global Monitoring Lead to Miscalculating the Causes of Maternal Mortality)

Abortion advocates argue that legalizing abortion, bringing it from back-alleys to prominent offices, will automatically make it safe for women (obviously not for the baby). But the problem is not only that abortion itself carries risks even for healthy women, but the people who commit abortions are oftentimes the dredges of the medical community (when they are even doctors).

Earlier this year a 40-year old woman nearly died after a late-term abortion at the same Marie Stopes clinic in Australia. In 2009, the abortionist, Dr Mark Schulberg, was found guilty for failing to get consent to do a late-term abortion on an intellectually disabled woman who had been raped by her father. The anesthetist, James Latham Peters, was accused of infecting over 50 women with hepatitis C in 2008 and 2009.

Marie Stopes is the UK’s leading abortion practitioner with affiliates targeting the “world’s poorest and most vulnerable women” around the world. Like Planned Parenthood and UNFPA, it works to change abortion laws internationally and demands a right to “sexual and reproductive health services.”

You can see why – not only will they make boatloads of money, but eliminating all abortion laws will keep their practitioners from criminal and civil charges for such actions as failing to get consent from their patients.

If there are no laws restricting abortion, then fewer statistics will be gathered. Like magic, abortion will be perceived as “safe.” But, like a magician, abortion advocates will merely be hiding the evidence, not eliminating the risks.

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