Poem: “On the Pages Before Me”


On the Pages Before Me

In the evening hours,
When the night is still.
Comes the Lord my God,
To his servant.

There he sits awaiting,
The God of all Glory.
And wonders, wonders, wonders,
How is this so?

Where in his life,
Had he been so good?
How in his life could he,
Achieve such reward?

And yet here it is,
The man of no consequence,
Being visited upon
By the God of Glory.

He flows in silently,
Effortlessly He is upon me.
And then and there He speaks.
His words flow

On the pages before me.
His wisdom alights from letters,
And His truth is boldly written,
To the page.

He is God most Glorious,
Visited upon His people.
Through the weakest and
Most frail of His servants.

How is it so?
How can it be?
That He who is,
Should come to me?

O’ Wonder of wonders,
O’ God of Glory,
Let Thy will be done,
And Your words be sung,
By all who have eyes to see.

L. Lapiz


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