Poem: “The Christmas Presence”


The Christmas Presence

He came to Exist in a world of cold;
Bereft of a loving heed.
Not once to bring a thing we want,
But Instead everything we Need.

This time of year when people hurry;
A’herding here to there,
A time of frantic maw and sup,
A time beref’t real care.

He was I Am — The One to show;
A world which knew Him not,
The Meaning of life’s enterprise,
From Upon a sotted cot.

And we who bray and bleat and rut;
For endless worldly feed,
And bite and gnaw and pull and pine,
What a stately human breed!

But He alone Stands Present both;
Above the human fray,
But In it, verily truly In IT,
He Remains until this day!

It’s not the presents It’s about,
Nor shinings in the trough,
It is about The Christmas Presence;
And A salvation that it bought.

By C. Jacob Johnson ©


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