The God Box


Do you take God with you into all aspects of your life? Or does God stay in the “God – Box” of your life?

As adults we have categorized much of our lives. We have “boxes” to keep things neat and clear. There is the “career box” how we feel about our career, our hopes and desires, where we work, the people we work with, the amount of money we make, the idea of retirement, what our career does for our lives. We have the “bill box” how much we owe, how much we spend, how we allocate our money and what we want to do with our money in the future. We have the “friends box” when we call them, how often we see them, what we tell them, how much we love them. We have the “family box” who we love, what we want to do for them and with them. We have the “responsibilities box” what we have to do in life as adults; work, bills, cleaning, eating, exercising, living. Then we have the “God box” our faith, church life, prayer life, scripture readings and retreats.

Most of the time in our lives the boxes do not stay closed to each other. The different boxes get mixed up. We have to balance work with family and friends. Family and friends get mixed together in our responsibilities in life. It all gets jumbled up. But that is life and how we live it. We can’t keep it all divided neatly into different boxes. But somehow many of us have perfected keeping our “God Box” separate from the rest of our other boxes. We could never talk about God at work! We could not discuss our faith or religion with friends or family! We should not talk to others about retreats or scripture readings, what would they think?

If God created us, loves us, guides us and wants to be a part of our lives then why do we put Him in a box? If God is part of who you are then let Him get mixed up in the jumble of your everyday life. Pray to him about your career. Give him the stress of your responsibilities. Pray with your family and friends. Let the love God has shown you be shown in action through your life. You do not have to scream God’s name from the street corner to let Him out of the God box. Just let Him be in every aspect of your life and stop putting Him in a box.

Maybe the question should be: Do you want to take God out of your “God box?”


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  • noelfitz

    Thank you so much for this brilliant article. It is particularly encouraging for me now.

    Could I let a plea for prayers escape from my God Box?